How much is a recruiter worth?

Some people say not a lot because of the time it takes against the size of the fee, however, let’s be candid, most people would say not a lot as, well, let’s not open that can of worms.

I ask as last week I paid for a service on my car (Volvo XC60 before I get pillared) and it cost £290 for less than an hour in the shop.

I went to the hygienist, £60 for 20mins

The dude in the pop-up mobile phone shop fixed my charging issue for £5 cash as it only took him 5 mins and I had to force this on him for a coffee.

My thoughts are, you charge what you think is right for the level of service, the experience you provide but also for what pain points you remove, because trust me, I would’ve paid a lot more for my phone to be fixed…

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