Because who doesn’t want to hear what jumps into a recruiter’s head in the shower.

These are the musings and ramblings of our Chief Talent Officer and Co-Founder, Robert Kenward.

Robert has been in the recruitment and events industry for over 20 years, and although he might pretend to be a know it all, we know you wouldn’t take any of his advice as gospel and merely the experience based observations and broadcasts of a specialist in the sector.

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REACH Event Scholarship Launched

A new university scholarship has been launched to encourage black, Asian, and minority ethnic talent into the events industry. The REACH Event Scholarship has been launched in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) to provide a fund for students...

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Talent shortage? What talent shortage…

People are saying there’s a talent shortage in our industry. Well, I disagree. Whilst it is true that of the 250,000 event profs who were made redundant, 10% (25,000) will not be returning, we don’t have a talent shortage, or even a people shortage; what we do have is...

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Mind the (pay) gap.

Salary negotiation is a huge topic and one I’m always asked about. I thought I’d share some advice on how to secure the salary you deserve: No salary bracket, no interview: You shouldn’t be formally interviewed without knowing the salary bracket of the role you’re...

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Don’t judge what you don’t understand.

I have always believed that ‘You may tell a lie to get a job, but you tell the truth to get a career.’ Wise words indeed, but I’ve recently seen a worrying trend that may encourage candidates to lie. As we come out of this shit storm, there will be thousands of people...


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