Because who doesn’t want to hear what jumps into a recruiter’s head in the shower.

These are the musings and ramblings of our Chief Talent Officer and Co-Founder, Robert Kenward.

Robert has been in the recruitment and events industry for over 20 years, and although he might pretend to be a know it all, we know you wouldn’t take any of his advice as gospel and merely the experience based observations and broadcasts of a specialist in the sector.

How do you do fellow kids?

How do you do fellow kids?

Millennials (those born between 1981 and ‘96) were apparently the second largest age group to leave the workforce during the pandemic. We all know that we need next generation employees for our businesses to flourish, so how do we attract and retain Millennials? The...



As we settle into post pandemic life, there’s one thing we can all agree on: there is no back to normal. Employers need to embrace the biggest mindset change of the last decade; one hundred thousand people are not coming back into our industry, and attitudes and the...

Need, Deserve, Want?

Need, Deserve, Want?

 Last month I wrote about the great resignation and explained how to work out if you should join in, or stay put. Whether you decide to ‘stick’ or ‘twist’, being equipped to handle salary negotiations will be very important. If you twist then you will have to...

“I have a Black friend.”

“I have a Black friend.”

It makes me cringe even typing that, but yes, I have uttered these words before when discussing racism. I’ve even gone so far to utter the immortal “I don’t see colour”. But I never got near “all lives matter” because that’s just plain nuts, isn’t it? Or is it? This...


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