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Fitability® (noun): Assessing compatibility and capability to determine who is truly right for your business

You can’t afford to take chances on senior level hires, so you need a recruiter who values accuracy as much as you do.

Spray and pray might get bums on seats, but it won’t identify the people who are perfectly placed to take your business to new heights.

So don’t wing it. Fitabilityⓒ is my comprehensive method that gets the job done for good.

I do things differently…

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You’ve heard recruiters say it, but you know they really don’t. And that’s not their fault.

Most are under intense pressure to hit targets, ring bells, and nab commission. It doesn’t matter to them if it works for you because there’s always another prospect on the end of the phone.

That’s why the sliding scale rebate scheme and free replacement backup plan is the perfect storm for revolving door recruitment. What was pitched to you as a bespoke process actually translates to scanning for keywords, sending a quick email, and hoping for the best. On that note…

I actually do things differently.

That’s why I put my money where my mouth is, by guaranteeing all placements with a 100% rebate for 6 months.

Find your Fitability®

It’s so good, I stuck a trademark on it. Why?

My job adverts and video explainers help you stand out from the crowd.

It’s all about who I know, namely my expansive database and extended network of events leaders.

My intensive briefing sessions dig deep below the surface to uncover the details that truly matter in your next hire.

I refine your job descriptions to give candidates a clear picture so they can make choices with confidence.

My thorough screening process saves you time by whittling down our shortlist to the most suitable people only.

Brand and culture sessions give candidates the chance to learn all about your business and working environment.

Get to know the people you’re meeting through our transcribed interviews and candidate overviews.

I use NDAs for your discretion, and candidates are only sent to you once they’ve given their explicit consent.

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Your employee retention is in my best interest

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My 6-month guarantee is in place to show you how serious I am about every hire being a great long term fit.

The average employee exit costs 33% of their annual salary. I work on jobs above 60k, so those wrong hires can put a serious dent on your bottom line. By taking advantage of my risk-free rebate model, you stand to save around 20k in the event that things don’t work out. Not exactly pocket change, is it?

This is why you’ll never see me slamming job boards. I work meticulously to find people whose professional goals, personality, and aspirations align with your current setup and future plans – so the person you eventually hire will have the right skills and attributes to authentically engage with your brand, long term.

So you’ll get to see your employee turnover shrink, while your candidates get to make fulfilling career moves, and I get to retain my well-earned search fee. Who doesn’t love a win-win-win?

“People are very good at getting the job in an interview, which can be misleading. They say the right things and nod at the right moment, but often they’re not thinking long-term. Chances are you’re right for them ‘right now’ because you were the first decent opportunity to fall into their lap. ‘Fit’ is a long-term strategy and employee attrition comes at a higher cost for senior level roles, so why take the risk? Making decisions based on a CV and a couple of meetings is just not good enough, that’s why I took the the time to develop a custom talent assessment program and expert profiling process, Fitability®.”

Fitability® finds people who stick

Every new hire is the start of a new relationship. And what makes relationships work? Shared values and a similar vision of the future.

Fitability® matches each person’s personal and career aspirations with your company’s DNA. By understanding the future that you see for your business, we can identify the talent that truly fits your vision.

This approach will find you people who:

Exceed your expectations

Bring new ways of thinking

Embrace your culture and ethos

Love working with you

Add value to your tea

Be motivated to stick around

You’ve had plenty of recruiters throw you CVs in the hope one will stick. Now it’s time for something more targeted.

Fitability® is all reward, no risk. What have you got to lose?

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Specialising in events and experiential talent above £60k

I find the very best senior talent within:

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Account Management

Business Development

Client Services





Project Management

Strategy & Planning

These are the job titles I work with every day:

Account Director

Brand Experience Director

Business Development Director

Business Director



Client Services Director


Commercial Director

Content Director


Creative Strategist

Digital Director

Event Director

Executive Creative Director

Executive Producer

Group Account Director

Head of Client Services

Head of Creative Services

Head of Events

Head of Sales

Head of Strategy

Managing Director

Operations Director

Planning Director

Production Director

Project Director

Senior Account Director

Senior Producer

Senior Project Director

Senior Project Manager

Senior Strategist

Staffing Director

Don’t see yours? Shout anyway. If you’re seeking a senior hire in the events industry, I’m sure I can help!

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