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Managing Director - Event Management Agency

£120-£130k + equity +relocation allowance, Loughborough and WFH

**NEW OPPORTUNITY** Managing Director Event Management Agency £120-£130k +equity +relocation allowance Loughborough & WFH   How often have you thought about running yo...

HRD (standalone) - Brand Experience Agency

£70-£90k + package, West, West, West London and WFH

**NEW OPPORTUNITY** Human Resources Director (standalone) Brand Experience Agency £70-£90k + package West, West, West London and WFH   What does HR mean to you?

  • ...

What types of roles do I work on?

Anything over £60k PA - Click the big red button to find out more..., REMOTE/UK

Well hello there and thanks for stopping by. You’ve probably guessed that all my roles are with live event, experiential and brand experience agencies. This means they do need extensive relevant...

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Find your Fitability®

In an industry riddled with ghosting, scattergun approaches and downright disappointment, my process is the refreshing change that’s been well overdue.

As we’re in this together, I’ll give you the lowdown on everything from the team dynamics to your new director’s favourite tipple. I’ll only ever match you with opportunities that suit what you want to do, for companies that align with your values.

You’ll feel the difference after you’ve experienced Fitability® for yourself. Still not convinced? Read what others have to say below;

How to create a kick-ass CV

Your CV is your marketing document and the first time a prospective employer lays virtual eyes on you.

Yours needs to stand out from the crowd whilst also having the content those reading it need to see.

I’ve worked in the #experientialmarketing #eventprofs and #recruitment sectors for over 20 years now, and let me tell you a secret…

Half the CVs I’ve seen are not a good representation of the awesome candidate on the other side of the words and if they had gone direct to a client, wouldn’t have passed go and certainly wouldn’t have received £200.

CVs are a personal matter, and you’ll get loads of people telling you what you should/shouldn’t do, so it’s a minefield out there.

Me, I’ve imparted 20+ years of specialist advice, knowledge and seeing more CVs than you can shake a stick at, into this handy template for you to download and use as a starting point if things get too stressful.


Get paid for your pals

Job not quite right for you? Tap into your network and get paid when that person has successfully settled into their new job. Your mate gets a new role and you get pounds in your pocket – it’s a win-win.

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Whether you’re an industry old-hat or finding your feet, book yourself in and come armed with your burning questions – I’m here to help.

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