We provide a bespoke service to both candidates and clients that focuses on the individual’s requirements and aspirations, why shouldn’t it all be about YOU. We work with passive and active candidates to ensure we match the right people with the right vacancies rather than adhere to the one size fits all philosophy.

Bespoke approach

We are a boutique agency specialising in the placement of director level, executive and senior management candidates within Marketing, HR and Business Development across all sectors. Our business provides state of the art interviewing technology, bespoke profiling of an applicant’s personality and leadership strengths, in-depth reference checking and skills matching. We provide a large amount of relevant information before first interview stage to aid in the decision making process and help save everybody time and money on wasted interviews.

Matching people with people

Senior level appointments are a crucial part of a company’s future success.  As well as being confident potential colleagues have the skills to carry out the role, it’s also imperative to understand how they would fit within organisations and interact with the existing team. Understanding how a candidate thinks and how they would fit into a business is a key part of the decision making process, knowing this before first interview stage enables a streamlined approach to interviewing and also ensures due diligence from the outset.

Leadership profiling

We have partnered with interview technology specialists to enable candidates to answer interview questions via their phone, tablet or laptop in real-time.  This then generates a video clip of the candidate to be viewed at leisure. This type of initial interview format means busy candidates do not need to take time off work for and can fit it into their schedule at their leisure.

“Our candidates complete a bespoke suite of questions designed to provide a detailed profile of their leadership and personality traits.”

  • We create a personalised overview of their previous experience and employment history so you know the focus is on YOU and not a speculative approach.
  • We invest all of this time and resource before we submit candidates so clients and applicants both know they’re an individual to us and not words on a piece of paper.
  • We guarantee to have met every candidate that procures an interview face to face and we guarantee to provide a 100% rebate for the first 3 months after placement, bet you didn’t expect that…