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What will the event and experiential marketing sectors look like when this is all over?

No one knows of course, however these are my thoughts based on tonnes of conversations I’ve had with agency owners and candidates throughout his experience.

  • Transient travel will change
    o Whether environmental or financially driven, the idea of flying to a non-essential 1- or 2-hour meeting with an overnight stay doesn’t seem right when the video era has come to the fore
  • The number of B2B events will reduce, however the size, spend and creativity will increase
    o People have recognised that maybe the sector was over saturated with face2face events that have proven to not be as valuable to businesses as first thought now they’re not having them
  • Experiential events will be back bigger and stringer than ever
    o The first thing clients want to do is get their product/brand in the hands/in front of as many people as possible and they will have the budget, means and desire to go big, go hard and go fast.
  • Online will never replace the power of live
    o Yes, it’s been a god send, however people (clients especially) recognise that whilst the technology is in place, it can be used to reach a wider audience and increase reach rather than as a replacement.
  • Recruitment needs to be smarter than ever before
    o Seems obvious, however, I feel this is a watershed moment for the industry. There will be lots of agencies looking to hire and many people out of work looking to get back in ASAP, however, this is where a lot of emotional mistakes will happen and you’ll see the downside 6 months later when they move on as people were focused on what was in front of them rather than a career path
  • Deals need to be closed face2face
    o Yes Zoom has been great, however people are realising that all the nuances of meeting someone in the flesh have disappeared and as such meetings are much more formal, non-personal and the focus is on getting through it rather than enjoying it.

These are just my opinions as if I could really predict the future, I’d have invested every last penny I had in Zoom and Andrex.

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