There I’ve said it.

I read lots of posts about how this will be the new normal, and how everything will be sunshine and lollipops with complete remote working in the future.

I don’t think it will.

I know it seems nice now, but this is a crisis situation and TBH, people are at home trying to work rather than WFH.


Most people don’t want to turn their home into their office.

Most people need or indeed crave interaction with adults.

Most people WILL work more hours than in an office (trust me).

To top it off, businesses will soon realise all the missed creativity, opportunities for 5 minute brain storms, thoughts on a meeting or presentation etc. adds up to lost revenue and when that penny drops, things will change no matter who you work for.

Personally, I’m a fan of flexible working if you work for someone else, and a work/life blend if you work for yourself.

It’s about what’s doing right for you and understanding what we have now isn’t “the new norm”, it’s getting on with things as best we can.

What about you, what do you miss about your office or is WFH FT the new path for you?

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