by | Jan 14, 2020 | Communication

Don’t blame the recruiter if your new starter leaves…

Why do recruiters get blamed for their placements leaving a business?

Anything over 6 months, no way Jose, this is on you mr/mrs/ms/them client.

3-6 months, I think both should take responsibility.

My personal favourite a new client told me the other day, less than 4 weeks….

Personally, I think this one is 100% the fault of the client’s hiring team.

You see, most recruiters aren’t interested in the long term, they want their fee fast and now

You know this, I know this, hell social media shouts this every day, so if you’re responsible for the selection process internally, why don’t you know this.

Due diligence, risk aversion and minimising mistakes these words aren’t as sexy as values or culture, however, they’re just as important especially at the outset.

So next time you want to blame a recruiter for a poor hire, look in the mirror and ask yourself what part did you play in it and why you’re more focused on getting your rebate than you are analysing why the candidate didn’t stay.

*this has been a party political broadcast on behalf of the “not all recruiters are dicks” party.


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