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Recruitment isn’t hard, it’s just hard work…          


There is no game-changing, AI led, disruptive magic button for recruitment, it’s down to just 3 simple things.

  1. Blood

  2. Sweat

  3. Tears


Blood is obviously figuratively, however, it is a fight out there.

It’s a fight to be heard above the noise, it’s a fight to attract the talent you want that your competitors seem to always get and it’s a fight to differentiate a recruitment agency between mediocre or useless.

Sweat is literal.

It’s hard bloody work to ‘do’ recruitment right. The attraction bit is easy, it’s the selection part that 95% of recruitment agencies and 70% of clients get wrong.

Most people start making hiring decisions in the first meeting as their ‘gut’ or the ‘chemistry’ feels right or their recruitment agency has told them ‘this person is a perfect match’.


The simple way to see if this is right is to ask yourself;

If you had to pay this person’s salary yourself, would you risk your own money ‘taking a punt’ ?

Tears are part of it too, however, this is probably more from the recruitment agency point of view.

There is nothing worse than knowing you can truly add value and help a client than to hear the phrase

“we don’t pay over x% fee and use 3 – 4 other agencies at the same time”

Followed by:

“but culture match, fit and finding the right person is a huge thing for us.

On a personal note, seeing recruiters post “Wolf of wall street” memes always brings me to tears.

So, there you have it, and this is why passing recruitment to someone whose job it isn’t or shouldn’t be is a huge risk to your business growth and deciding to work with a recruitment agency based on what they tell you rather than what you know about them is only going to end in number 3.

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