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by | Jun 21, 2019 | Communication

“Filling a vacancy” is not #recruitment

I mean, this is literally the bare minimum you should expect from a recruiter, but so many people focus on just this part and that’s why I believe 90% of the recruitment industry deserves its reputation.

Recruitment for me is all about adding value.

The recruitment cycle for a proper hire takes time, effort and professionalism, and these are all words that seem to have been forgotten in search of the all-powerful fee part at the end.

Don’t get me wrong, of course I get paid for what I do, however that’s a by-product of doing things well.

If you’re not saving the client time, carrying out an exhaustive diligent search for the best candidates, bespoke interviewing a short list, carrying out a detailed profiling and a rigorous selection process, then to be honest, you’re just charging a lot for a CV admin service.

Oh, to top it off, most ‘recruiters’ only 100% guarantee their work for 4 weeks, so even they don’t trust in what they’re doing.

So, next time you hear a recruiter spouting about their USP, POD and “why we’re different”, ask them directly to give you at least 3 things they do that other recruiters don’t.

Depressingly, you won’t be surprised at the answers

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