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by | Apr 27, 2020 | Communication

Plan in the present. Pay in the future.

I can’t change the past, but I can help with your future by deferring all new assignment invoices until 2021.

Recruitment will be a central part of any business owner’s get-out strategy, and it will be a minefield. More people looking for work than ever, and many will be desperate.

Their motivations may be conflicted and confused.

It won’t be easy for anybody.

I understand that cash flow is key to getting through. However, having the right leadership team in place will be critical as the events sector gets back on its feet.

So, to help kick start your business, and of course help with the future of mine, I’ll be deferring all invoices for new assignments I take on this year, until 2021.

Yep, next year.

So, not only would they have started in your business, their feet will be under the table and helping you take big strides before you have to worry about the invoice.

If you’re a business owner or hiring manager within the #eventprofs or #experientialmarketing sector, get in touch with me to find out how you can get a specialist recruiter working for you now, without paying for it until later.

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