2020 is an interesting year.

Most companies’ business plans were targeted to end this year, a lot targeting £20m t/o because, well, it looked/sounded nice…

Mines a bit inane.

I’ve been in the recruitment and events/experiential space for 20 years this year.

20 fricking years.

I’m practically at that stage whereby if I applied for a role via the usual recruiter or ATS portal, I’d be told I’m overqualified and/or would get bored with the role as it’s beneath me.

Scary isn’t it.

How easily we can joke about what is basically ageism.

That on top of how you look, where you’re from and a pre-conceived perception of what you’ve done based on your CV and DOB, adds up to a very boring workplace and a lot of excellent talent slipping through the net.

The answer?

You won’t like it as it’s not automation, it’s not tech and it’s certainly not new…

The answer is time.

Make time to speak with an applicant, make time to ask questions, make time to see what people want and most importantly, make time to explain why they should come and work with/for you.

If you’re one of these people who says you don’t have time to look at all applications, then your advert is wrong and/or you don’t have the infrastructure, experience or skills in place to do it properly, so hire someone that does.

Hire someone who has experience in both recruiting and your sector, because trust me on this, without one or the either, they’re NOT a specialist.

Side note* time and that I’m possibly an old fart is the reason for the post, but obviously, not being a racist, sexist, ageist a-hole should be a given…


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