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by | Nov 28, 2017 | Communication

It is NOT a candidate driven market

Trust me, it’s not.

This yarn is a well-worn one, peddled by recruiters since the beginning of time.

There are always a lot of people for a role, planning to move roles or keeping their ‘ears open’ should something else come up.

This is a big difference to a ‘candidate driven market’.

This phrase is used to scare prospective clients into paying a fee for a service they could either do themselves or is of such poor quality, the Trading Standards Authority should close them down for calling themselves ‘recruiters’.

As a recruiter myself, you might wonder why I’d advocate a client doing things themselves rather than using a professional.

Wonder no more as I’m going to let you into a trade secret.

*whispers softly*

most recruiters aren’t professional…

Copy and pasting a CV onto a job board whilst adding some inane waffle above it, usually starting, “our client” is not professional.

Having a quick 5-minute chat with someone from a database who registered ages ago and calling it ‘matching’ is not professional.

Sending more than 5 CVs to a client and saying, ‘they’re a perfect fit for your brand’ is also not professional.

If you call this recruitment, then please god, do it yourself and save yourself the time, hassle and fee.

If you want to use a real professional agency, find one that can do the first 2 parts of the cornerstones of recruitment (attraction, selection, retention) properly and pay them accordingly.

As if you do, the 3rd one will take care of itself.

If you’ve found one, then as it’s nearly the festive period, why not comment below and show them some #recruiterlove.

#recruitment #eventprofs

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