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I hate Christmas…

Well, okay not the actual present giving, seeing family and eating/drinking your own body weight in mince pies and Baileys part, but the constant repetition of the phrase;

“We’re going to look at recruitment in Q1 2018.”

I’ve never understood this approach and although many people cite budget as the reason, I think it stems from recruiters peddling the myth that candidates don’t look for a new role around Christmas.

Well, perhaps the candidates that you don’t necessarily want may be sat there twiddling their thumbs getting ready to hit the job boards in January, however what about the people out there that don’t know you’re looking to hire next year or even those that don’t know you exist?

They’re there now and will be next year if you don’t actively approach them and present your opportunity to them.

Here is the crux of the matter, clients and 90% of recruitment agencies think candidate attraction is recruitment so they’re happy to pick the best of who applies in January or whenever you advertise.

Savvy businesses do the hard work and the heavy lifting (or engage a decent recruiter) to find the best Fit for the future based on bespoke headhunting, culture fit analysis, behavioural profiling, role focussed assessment before they even show up for the interview.

These businesses will reap the rewards long term as they weren’t afraid to do the hard work in advance and take the time to recruit properly rather than wait and then rush to put bums on seats.

Which type of business are do you want to be?


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