These are the words that any interviewee dreads, especially if the interviewer is from the stone age and only asks this at the end of the interview.

There’s a lot of undue pressure placed on this very leading question, ask nothing and you think they’ll feel you’re not interested, ask something they deem as unimportant and well, you know the score.

So, what to ask?

Below are a few generic questions I believe will help you know matter what and for clarity, I’ve assumed you know the general overview based on a JD, chat on the phone etc. before this point as you are meeting a potential employer after all.

  • Why has this role become available?
  • What are the company’s key challenges at this time?
  • How would you measure success for me after 3, 9 and 18 months?
  • What would be my key priorities and what support would I have to achieve them?
  • How do you see this role/me developing over the next 2 years?
  • Why do you enjoy working here?
  • What don’t you want me to know about the company?

As you can see, nothing mind-blowing, however, these are useful to use as a prompt to then dive deeper based on the answers and what you’re keen to know.

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