by | May 29, 2020 | Communication

Recruiters of the world, lower your expectations, not your rates.

Recruiters who lower their rates in times of crisis like this are just shooting themselves in the foot.
Yes, we need an income, however, do you feel devaluing yourself now is the way forward?
What about the people you’ve charged usual rates to before, do you think they’ll feel you overcharged?
I get that times are tough, however, not tough enough to devalue a sector and service you’ve spent years telling others is undervalued.
Waiving your fee until another day or working pro bono away for your core offering is a more sensible and smarter move, however my wider advice is to work smarter not harder, enhance your offering, reach a wider audience via clever content that addresses prospects pain points, not shouts at them about what you can do.
This will enable you to reach those who want to work with you because they believe you’re the best, not the cheapest.
Oh, BTW, for those recruiters who are charging more, well you’re just 9 different shades of wrong and people have long memories.

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