by | Feb 1, 2019 | Communication

If you’re not a recruiter, why are you trying to recruit?

It seems odd when you write it down, but this is in essence what companies do every day when they post a JD on a job board or some other social platform and try to do it themselves, as you know, recruitment, pfttp, it’s easy yeah?


Don’t get me wrong it’s not hard to recruit poorly, but its bloody hard work to actually do it properly.

Take any one of your client contacts and ask yourself this…

“could you do their job on top of your day to day”?

No, of course you couldn’t.

Yet, line managers turn themselves into hiring managers at the drop of a hat when they need to recruit.

Why is this?

I’ve narrowed it down to 3 options

1. They’re so narcissistic they honestly believe they can turn their hand to anything whenever they want no matter how little time they have
2. They’re so pi**ed off with the ‘service’ they’ve received from recruitment agencies in the past, they’ve not so much had their fingers burnt, but toasted with marshmallows and eaten whilst washed down with a nice bottle of Chianti
3. They don’t value recruiting as an actual skill or a profession and therefore filling the hole they have as quicky as possible is the priority.

I truly believe none of these is true, yet it happens every day.

Put it this way, if I asked you to invest £30k, £50k, £80k or £whatever of your own money on a gut feeling, taking a punt, or because after meeting someone for a few hours and reading a CV you ‘think’ they’re right, would you?

Of course not.

So why do people do this all the time, anybody have any ideas?

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