Covid19 is one of the worst things to happen in a generation, but it will be over.

We will go back to normal.

But, what about if you’re black or brown?

I am a director of an independent #recruitment business in the #eventprofs #experientialmarketing sectors.

I’ve not been able to work and fallen through the cracks of any support because of circumstances out of my control.

I’ve been ForgottenLtd and ExcludedUK and I don’t like it

I’ve had people who don’t know me call me names online as they believe what the media, government say about us.

I’ve been mistreated by those who are supposed to protect and look after me.

Now imagine this, times infinity and all down to the colour of my skin.

I have always known racism exists but because I have never seen racism close up, it’s not been part of my life.

This isn’t good enough and I’ve been learning how to change and why it’s important to help others understand, that all lives can’t matter until black lives matter too.

If you want so see people tackling real change, look up Diversity Ally or the Fast Forwad15 BAME ambassador programme.

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