I came across Robert via LinkedIn when I spotted one of his posts that really stuck with me.

He mentioned his approach was to meet with the hiring manager and other senior stake holder(s) to get a feel for the company and really understand the culture within the business.

Normally, recruitment spiel was all about how many CV’s they had in the database!

I invited Robert to the office to present and discuss his Fitability® approach.

Honestly, being a stickler for details, I was also keen to call him out and see the small print and get out clause regarding his 6month 100% rebate scheme.

Like many, I thought it was simply too good to be true.

Honestly, there is nothing hidden in the small print, no get out clause, just a really straightforward (up to) 6month 100% rebate!

I was impressed.

Since our initial meeting, I have worked with Robert on a number of appointments and every time, I have had the results I’ve wanted.

An extremely suitable candidate, who actually understand the company culture and role within the given time-frame.

Robert’s approach has saved me countless hours as I’ve only ever seen serious and relevant candidates.

The information pack presented for each candidate is extensive and insightful.

Thank you Robert!

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