Robert first approached me as a potential client in 2016 soon after launching You Search and Select with a compelling pitch that he was reinventing recruitment for senior roles in the events sector.

A bold but noteworthy ambition!

Already of the opinion that all but a select few recruiters in this space added little if anything to the process, (particularly at the senior level) it was no surprise to me that You Search and Select quickly began gaining traction and by the summer of 2018 they seemed to be the executive search agent on the lips of every recruiting manager and senior candidate I spoke to.

Following a recent positive change of direction in my own career I was pleased to hear from Robert about a potential senior role and intrigued to see if the experience I’d had of his unique selection process was as positive for candidates I’d found it as a recruiter.

I’m unsure how many individuals in the sector have had the opportunity to experience You Search and Select from both the client’s and a candidate’s perspectives but having had the pleasure myself I’ve observed the following:

• Total professional integrity
• Unparalleled depth of understanding
• A passion for creating value for clients (both recruiters and candidates)

Robert educates all of his clients on how to get the very best possible outcome from the time and energy that they invest in the search and recruitment process and I truly believe that his model dramatically reduces the possibility that business’s might make the wrong hire or worse that candidates may find themselves in the wrong job for the wrong reasons.

A total breath of fresh air!

Thanks for your continued hard work Robert

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