Robert decided to take a COVID challenging time and turn things on its head by inviting community members of Linkedin to connect and simply ‘have a conversation’.

He opened his door to those in need, provided support for those who felt confused and lost and as a result connected with more people that he may ordinarily have done.

A friendly and approachable human being behind a Linkedin profile page was the medicine I needed to get my confidence, be equipped with industry knowledge and get back in the saddle to find new opportunities.

In turn, Robert’s proactiveness, has meant that many, like myself, have now kick started the recruitment search adding to a pool of ready in waiting candidates and to make themselves known to recruiters.

Sometimes in unprecedented times, we all need a friendly ‘nudge’ in the right direction to gain confidence and have ambition and Robert was just the person to do that for me.

Caring for people is often overlooked in the recruitment industry but I feel confident that Robert would place me in the right opportunities to not only gain success for me individually but for those searching for talent.

All that remains to say is – “thank you” Robert and I wish more people would go the extra mile to care for others in the way you do.

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