Paul Godwin
Managing Director
When Robert first introduced Fitability to me, I initially dismissed it as just another buzzword. However, as we progressed through the recruitment process, my perception changed. Robert proved himself by successfully filling a director-level role for us. He not only delivered on his promises but also took the time to understand not only the necessary skills but also the personality traits essential for success in our busy creative agency. The candidates he presented were well-prepared, and any of them could have excelled in the position. Having options made the final decision challenging but rewarding.

Robert stands out as more than a typical recruiter chasing quick fees. His diligent preselection process ensured that only the most suitable candidates remained on the shortlist. I wholeheartedly recommend Robert for any position that requires careful selection.

Furthermore, Robert’s bold claims about his skills are backed up by an unprecedented 100% guarantee. While it usually takes time to truly know someone in a new role, Robert’s assurance makes taking risks easier. The thorough vetting process he undertakes minimises any potential risks associated with filling the position.

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