What people say

Below are real testimonials from real people who’ve experienced Fitability® for themselves.

Feedback like this is what drives us to provide the best service we possibly can and help you find ‘that’ career or candidate you’ve been searching for.

I really enjoyed working with Robert who found me a superb job.

He’s great to deal with, offering a personalised service.

I felt he truly got to understand who I am and what I need in a role and employer in order to achieve great success.

Thank you Robert.

Client Services Director (April 2022)

I had a great 121 support session with Robert earlier today.

I really appreciated the expert advice Robert gave and the industry insights he shared with me.

I have received lots of conflicting advice on how to set out my C.V but this is the first time I felt like I have received any real clear advice and guidance on how best to present myself as a candidate to potential employers.

It is so refreshing to have an open and frank conversation on this subject with an industry expert, and I believe the information Robert have gave me will really help focus my job search efforts.

For me, those 30 minutes today were invaluable, and I am grateful that he is prepared to give his time and expertise freely to jobseekers like myself.

General Manager (March 2022)

Robert did a 121 with me on my CV and LinkedIn profile and helped me understand what was missing and how I could adapt my CV and profile to attract employers and better communicate my skills and experience, which isn’t easy because of my freelance portfolio and screenwriting career on the side!

Thanks, Robert!

You rock 🤘

Content Manager (March 2022)

Robert was very kind to spare some time and help me out last minute.

I had an interview in a few days and he gave me lots of advice as it was my first professional interview and talked me through how to present myself and lots of tips to go through the process smoothly.

I found his advice really helpful on the day and made me feel a bit less nervous, it was very valuable!

Event Manager (March 2022)

Really do appreciate the articles and advice given to the whole industry!

Thank you

Venue Manager (March 2022)

Robert gave me invaluable insights and excellent advice to refocus my job search during our 1-2-1 pro bono consulting session.

Robert quickly identified ways to improve my LinkedIn profile and actionable next steps to take.

He is a true professional, exceptionally knowledgeable about events recruitment and gives advise with kindness and humor.

Searching for a new job has been challenging for me so I greatly appreciated having the chance to meet with Robert – he is a great cheerleader!

I also want to give a shout out to @TheHubJobs – the excellent events industry jobs platform created by Robert.

It’s a go to platform for openings and amazing job search resources.

Thank you so much Robert and I look forward to working with you in the future!

Event Manager (February 2022)

Robert was kind enough to help me with a 121 session.

His advice and guidance was positive, uplifting, helpful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, expert, honest, insightful and generous.

What an expert!!!

What a superstar, what a generous, kind, decent and helpful person.

All industries and the world in general need more people like Robert. #BeMoreRobert

Robert thank you – you make a difference.

Creative Account Director (January 2022)

I have had the pleasure of working with Robert and fellow industry professionals from the events sector to establish The REACH Events Scholarships at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The scholarships aim to increase the representation of young people from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic backgrounds on our BA (Hons) Events Management degree programme for 2022 academic entry.

We are truly grateful for the generosity of The Hub Jobs for supporting a Scholarship, and also to Robert for his drive, enthusiasm, and commitment to generating further support to enable us to provide these transformational scholarships for deserving young people.

Thank you!

Development Manager at Manchester Metropolitan University (January 2022)

Earlier this year I found myself redundant and looking for work, and like most people found it hard going – no responses, little information…..it was disheartening.

BUT, from the moment I sent across my CV to Robert, he was on hand and supportive through every step of the way, he called when he said he would, communicated effectively and coached me on how to conduct myself for my first ever zoom interview.

I can’t recommend Robert highly enough.

Robert has a natural way with people, and you can see/feel that genuinely cares for his candidates as well as his clients.

Head of Sales (October 2021)

Robert is “World Class” with the emphasis on Class. We realised after 20 minutes that i wasn’t right for the role!

Parted as professionals & i’d recommend him to both Employers & Candidates in his niche.

I’ve not spoken to anyone in his role who’s as
“Legal, decent, honest and truthful”.

Marketing & Business Developer (September 2021)

From a candidates POV, the approach Robert takes is refreshing.

He manages to create an almost unique balance between recruiter and consultant.

The information that Robert provides on the role is written in a way that if truly informs the candidate about the the opportunity.

I love the process that Robert takes you through as each stage builds the picture of both the candidate and the job role.

The interview questions are well designed and allow Robert to get the information he needs and at the same time, the candidate is able to tell their story.

Robert has a relaxed and friendly manner that puts a candidate at ease and therefore gets the most out of each candidate.

Managing Director (August 2021)

Why be in the herd, when you can make a difference being different, that’s Roberts approach to search and selection, and all the better for the experience for both selector and selected.

Client Services Director (August 2021)

Robert is a recruiter like no other, a heart of gold, a great introducer, he knows his stuff and he knows his people!

 He has also helped the events industry with free advice, event speaking and supporting the group I run for out of work or redundancy event professionals.

A great recruiter for the events industry.

Event Director (July 2021)

It’s refreshing when a recruiter understands the intricate complexities of specialised senior management roles.

Robert not only gets it, he speaks the language that links to the role.

He works with you to extract all the information required, using his techniques and experience to ask the right questions and get the clients the right answers.

A safe pair of hands to leave you recruitment challenges with and a pleasure to work with

Head of Creative Services (July 2021)

From start to finish Robert kept me updated every step of the way and was available to answer any questions I had.

Taking time to understand me as a person, as well as my fit for the role, the process felt like a partnership throughout – it was very refreshing!

Head of Business Development (June 2021)

At first, due to previous experiences with recruitment, I underestimated the value that Robert would bring as part of the process.

He genuinely cares if the role is a match for both parties, is refreshingly honest and I found that I enjoyed the interview process with him.

I came away with a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and would trust his judgment in any future role opportunities.

Senior Producer (May 2021)

Robert is exceptionally thorough, his system of selecting candidates is completely based around attracting and retaining the highest quality candidates.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Robert and his unique and thorough method of candidate selection.

Managing Director (May 2021)

Robert has a good understanding and knowledge of the creative industry.

He’s been straight forward with a no-nonsense approach asking pertinent questions while digging deep into my abilities and suitability.

I’ve found Roberts process of recruitment selection very thorough and professional.

Creative Director (May 2021)

I was an applicant for a role that Robert was recruiting for.

We spoke about the opportunity and he concluded quickly that I was not a match.

It was clear that Robert fully understood his client’s business, the role and, importantly, the culture and life stage of the company, meaning he could very quickly and confidently assess applicant fit.

I found his direct and honest approach refreshing.

Senior Director (April 2021)

Having dealt with many recruiters Robert was by far the best.


His in-depth, no nonsense, grown-up approach makes sure there is a fit of talent and culture before you start – so no time wasting.

He’s there to guide employers and candidates every step of the way with the right level of challenge and advice – it works. As a candidate myself I felt like a client rather than a fee.

Highly recommended.

Chief Operating Officer (April 2021)

As a candidate I have found Robert as very engaging, consultative and detail driven.

He takes the time to understand what drives you both personally and professionally, your experiences and goals, stress testing you line by line with the brief ensuring that not only are your core competencies and experience thoroughly tested but most importantly, that your soft skills, values and essence, “the whole package” culturally match.

Managing Director (April 2021)

Great blend of formal/informal conversations and information sharing.

I’ve honestly never felt that I have been so well informed about a role or the organisation or had an opportunity to really ask all the questions I wanted to to ensure that the fit was right for me – recommended!

Human Resources Director (April 2021)

Robert, is an excellent recruiter.

Very thorough and organised and also made the experience a thoroughly enjoyable and insightful one.

His methods are highly honed and intense but going through his Fitability process you will learn whether you are really right for the job and also whether you really want to work for that organisation.

His process is designed to maximise a good fit on both sides and it certainly works

Managing Director (April 2021)

Robert is a straight-talking recruiter with a lot to give back.

He’s honest, provides great insight and advice, and does his best for those he serves.

He’s keen to give back, wants to help others achieve, and is genuinely a good guy.

He also has the best out-of-office email I’ve seen in a while!

Project Manager (April 2021)

Had the privilege of attending one of Robert’s generous pro-bono sessions and received priceless, guidance-loaded, personal feedback and expert insights that were delivered directly, supportively and without BS.

Left with lots of homework and fast-tracking tips for improvement to implement.

Hugely grateful and highly recommended.

Director (March 2021)

Robert really talks you through the role and makes sure it is a good fit for yourself as well as the employer.

When I applied for a role with him he gave me really helpful pointers to make sure I was fully prepared.

On top of that, he gave me excellent career advice (pro-bono) during the pandemic.

He helped me really think about how to move my career forward and how to sell myself.

Thank you Robert!

Event Manager (March 2021)

Robert is a true professional.

He provided substantial information on the job role, clear guidance through the interview process and tips for preparation.

Further he gave sincere and honest feedback, so rare these days.

Supplier Relationship Manager (March 2021)

Robert has a deep knowledge of the events sector and he is a passionate, personable and professional recruiter.

BDM (March 2021)

Robert takes recruitment to another level.

He has a razor-sharp approach to the interview process and is extremely focussed on the end result – finding the best match to a role – both for the candidate and clients.

He is authentic, friendly and provides a wealth of guidance and support throughout all stages.

A real pleasure to work with!

Global Client Services Director (March 2021)

I’ve enjoyed going through the interview process with Robert, a breath of fresh air, the whole process has been extremely stress free.

He has been great, and offered advice and some helpful tips regarding email addresses and LinkedIn profile.

It’s a 👍 from me 🙂

Account Manager (March 2021)

At a time of incredible uncertainty its great to have someone like Robert to turn to.

He is incredibly professional, direct and succinct. 

I will 100% take his recommendations onboard and appreciate the unpatronizing way he dealt with someone who was clearly uncomfortable. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him

Sponsorship Manager (March 2021)

Robert is a kind yet to the point consultant.

He knows the market and has a clear view of what can be done vs unnecessary explorations.

I not only enjoy every chat we have but I also always learn from them a great deal.

Therefore, I strongly recommend him for every serious talent and organization.

Partner (March 2021)

Robert has a unique, thorough and fresh approach to recruitment.

He does all the hard graft on behalf of the client and has an honest and detailed approach for both the end client and the candidate.

Great industry knowledge and also a genuine person to talk openly to about the rigours of both finding work or finding a candidate

CSM/BDM (March 2021)

As a hirer and candidate I can appreciate the great advantages of Fitablity for employer and employee, respecting both parties with a clear process focused on one outcome, the perfect match!

Business Director (March 2021)

Roberts interview process is unique and it is an approach that I have found enormously beneficial in the application process. 

From the perspective of a candidate it gives you the opportunity to shape and sharpen your response to a brief prior to engaging the organisation.

Communications Director (March 2021)

I couldn’t recommend working with Robert enough. His process is supportive and you only ever feel you are going forward for roles that you are suitable for.

Marketing Manager (March 2021)

Robert is AMAZING.

He gave me advice and some helpful tips for my LinkedIn profile and how to stand out whilst finding a job.

He tells it as it is in the most genuine, but real way. It’s exactly what I needed to hear and I’m so grateful he took the time out of his day to chat to me.

Thank you, Robert!!

Virtual & Live Events Manager (March 2021)

Robert was extremely helpful in a condensed amount of time.

He offered solid and valuable advice on seeking employment and what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

The Linkedin advice was very valuable and acted upon.

Account Manager (February 2021)

I have worked with Robert on and off over a number of years, and as a candidate I find his approach warm, professional and thorough.

He makes you feel very relaxed and confident – both essential when looking for a new role.

I would highly recommend Robert to candidates and employers alike.

Portfolio Director (February 2021)

Robert has been great to work with so far, he keeps you informed throughout the recruitment process.

He will ensure you have all the information you need and help get the best from you.

I’d recommend working with him.

Thank you Robert!

Partnership Development (February 2021)

Robert gave me some of his time for a chat about work, the current situation in the world of events and life in general!

He was extremely positive and gave me some great pointers and notes about recruitment, the state of play in the industry and some good tech tips as well.

Robert is a thoroughly decent guy, and The Hub initiative is a super example of how he’s helping the freelancers and self employed to find new roles in the tough times we’re going through at the moment.

Thanks again Robert.

Venue & Events Consultant (February 2021)

Robert was kind enough to give me a free half hour consultancy session to discuss the event recruitment world and my approach to finding a new role within it.

His straight-talking, honest approach was so refreshing and I came away with some good nuggets of advice which will hopefully help me on my way.

Thanks Robert!

Operations Manager (February 2021)

Robert is extremely knowledge, personable and always looking to help and provide constructive advise.

I would highly recommend him.

Director (February 2021)

A consummate professional!

Robert gave constructive advice and narrative very relevant to me and the challenging landscape we all face currently.

I will definitely be contacting him when I need to recruit.

His vast experience of the recruitment space and his pertinent observations and straightforward delivery was very useful and I will certainly be auctioning all of his recommendations.

Great energy and positivity.

Business Development Specialist (January 2021)

It’s been very refreshing to deal with Robert, and to gain his valuable insights and experience.

He’s very open and honest and gives good advice, and has been freely sharing his expertise online with many webinars and The Big Fat Recruitment Debate.

Thank you Robert!

Business Account Manager (January 2021)

I recently did a short 1 to 1 with Robert who gave me a valuable independent view on my career aspirations and LinkedIn profile and how best to position myself for the market upturn.

His suggestions were very thought provoking and helpful.

Kudos to him for being proactive during the pandemic and reaching out to candidates and offering to help.

Managing Director (January 2021)

Conversing one-to-one with Robert was incredibly informative, it left me enthused to introduce the action points.

Following our discussion I have seen first-hand, the positive and direct impact the changes have had on raising my profile.

I highly recommend the one-to-one sessions!

Account Manager (January 2021)

I had my first session with Robert, it was a jam packed 30 mins at that…I love his direct approach.

Robert provided great advice, advice that resonated.

Thank you!

BDM/Event Manager (January 2021)

Robert offered me an array of invaluable advice, pointers and guidance for navigating the world of recruitment – he was honest yet encouraging and a real fresh of breath air.

Hugely appreciated and highly recommended.

Thanks Robert – keep banging that drum!!

Director (January 2021)

Rob was recommended to me by an old colleague.

Rob was extremely easy to get hold of, replied to messages quickly and we set up a free 121 call to talk over a few ideas. Rob was generous with his time, experience and knowledge.

He was honest and frank with his opinions and gave me a good few pointers to work on.

I would highly recommend a chat with Rob as he was able to put to rest some of my concerns and he provided me with great ideas for the future

Event Marketing Manager (January 2021)

Robert’s knowledge and expertise in recruitment is invaluable.

He is professional, approachable, solution driven and dedicated to helping job seekers to secure their next role.

His time was especially appreciated during this challenging Covid-19 period.

If you are an event professional looking for your next role, I would highly recommend him. 

Senior Events Specialist (January 2021)

Robert was kind enough to spend some time chatting to me about the flux in the events industry and introduced me to a couple of contacts that he thought would be interested in Arena Consultancy’s service offering.

I am pleased to say that one of those contacts is now a client.

I appreciate your support, advice and guidance. Best wishes for the future Robert and keep up the great work

Communications Consultant (January 2021)

Robert is professional, friendly and has great understanding and knowledge of the events industry.

He’s and asset to the industry and I would highly recommend him.

Production Manager (January 2021)

Robert very kindly donated a huge chunk of his time during the winter 2020 lockdown to offer pro bono career, cv and linkedin presentation advice.

What a refreshing change to chat to someone who is not trying to sell something, but instead to offer the benefit of his years of experience and expertise.

Always helpful, honest, (sometimes brutally honest) but with an unbiased helpful perspective.

Well worth contacting Robert for either your next hire or your next career move.

Commercial Director (January 2021)

Robert decided to take a COVID challenging time and turn things on its head by inviting community members of Linkedin to connect and simply ‘have a conversation’.

He opened his door to those in need, provided support for those who felt confused and lost and as a result connected with more people that he may ordinarily have done.

A friendly and approachable human being behind a Linkedin profile page was the medicine I needed to get my confidence, be equipped with industry knowledge and get back in the saddle to find new opportunities.

In turn, Robert’s proactiveness, has meant that many, like myself, have now kick started the recruitment search adding to a pool of ready in waiting candidates and to make themselves known to recruiters.

Sometimes in unprecedented times, we all need a friendly ‘nudge’ in the right direction to gain confidence and have ambition and Robert was just the person to do that for me.

Caring for people is often overlooked in the recruitment industry but I feel confident that Robert would place me in the right opportunities to not only gain success for me individually but for those searching for talent.

All that remains to say is – “thank you” Robert and I wish more people would go the extra mile to care for others in the way you do.

Director of strategic projects (December 2020)

I find Robert’s honest and candid approach refreshing with us all having to deal with the current media overload.

During our 1-2-1 chat, I gleaned pearls of wisdom on how best to focus my time and energy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks again Robert for selflessly being a support to others in the industry during this period of uncertainty, and wish him all the best with his new venture.

Event Lead (December 2020)

My introduction to Robert was through a short one-to one session he offered as part of his free peer support project in the pandemic impacted environment.

Robert managed to find out exactly where his advice would be the most useful and got right to the point.

Within the 30-minute consultation, Robert provided a great deal of guidance, links to useful resources and contacts.

He acted not only as a consultant, but also as a coach, supporting the client throughout the session, establishing confidence and referring to his own experience.

As a result of this session, I had a lot of insights and new interesting ideas to work through, and the recommended communities and resources have already proved to be very useful tools for the development of my business.

Director (December 2020)

Robert combines years of experience with a human, yet realistic and pragmatic approach that is too often foreign to recruitment.

I had the pleasure to meet Robert while discussing my employment situation and he had the sharpness of getting to the point, suggesting practical examples, all with a very good dose of irony, which is much needed during this time!

Event & Sales Manager (December 2020)

Robert reached out to me recently and offered me some free advice on how to cope in the ever-crowded job market.

As a fellow event professional, I know first-hand how tough 2020 has been so it was incredibly touched by his offer.

I accepted and we had a very interesting chat.

In my next interview I used my newfound skills and I’m pleased to say I got the job!!!

We all buy from people and the completely selfless support and great advice Robert offered me means I would recommend his services to anyone in the market.

Thank you again

Partnership Manager (December 2020)

I had the pleasure of watching Robert speak at a virtual event and then connecting with him afterwards.

In a relatively short period of time, he has given me some very valuable advice about positioning myself which has already paid dividends.

I would definitely recommend him.

Event Director (December 2020)

A really helpful 1-2-1 session with Robert – thank you! I’ve got some great advice for improving my virtual interview technique and vastly reassuring words on keeping up with the job finding efforts.

Huge appreciation to Robert for kindly giving of his time to support event professionals in such times.

Senior Events Marketing Manager (December 2020)

I had a one2one session with Robert and have to say he was brilliant – really approachable, explained where I could be doing better in a really constructive and positive way but didn’t sugar coat it and was honest which is exactly what I was looking for.

He obviously knows a lot about the industry and recruitment and while I am a positive person by nature I really left the meeting feeling even more confident about my future in the event industry thanks to a few key points he gave me.

Also the fact he is helping our industry and doing these sessions for free (he has done a ridiculous amount of them) is extremely impressive and a merit to him.

Genuinely hope our paths cross again in the future through work in many different aspects

Senior Producer (December 2020)

Robert delivered talk to the Event students at BIMM London, on how to develop their LinkedIn and interview skills.

The talk was insightful, well curated, and really benefited the students.

I would recommend Robert for any speaking opportunities you might have, as his relaxed and approachable delivery coupled with his extensive experience make him really engaging

Higher Education Lecturer (December 2020)

I enjoyed speaking one-on-one with Robert after tuning into his fall 2020 Planet IMEX virtual presentation.

His knowledge and connections within the industry clearly run deep, and I was left with a long-but-exciting to-do list after our conversation.

I appreciate the time and attention he put into our call and look forward to following his insights and future thought leadership in the industry!

Full time MBA candidate (November 2020)

Rob’s approach has always been to get behind the brief and match the right candidate with the right personality to the right agency – something I was very grateful for when considering my new role last year.

I always felt I was receiving a very personalised service which ultimately saved both me, and the client time.

Can strongly recommend Rob to anyone looking to fill new positions once our industry is back on it’s feet.

Pitch Producer (November 2020)

What a very inspiring 30 min chat!

Honestly, Robert gets you thinking about things that you have not seen for yourself – simple things that recruiters are looking for and it all makes perfect sense.

It got me thinking in a different headspace from the outside in, and I think that is so important to not lose sight of when hunting for a job.

Really friendly, informal chat which helped on so many levels 🙂

Thanks so much Robert!

Senior Events Manager (November 2020)

What a very inspiring 30 min chat!

Honestly, Robert gets you thinking about things that you have not seen for yourself – simple things that recruiters are looking for and it all makes perfect sense.

It got me thinking in a different headspace from the outside in, and I think that is so important to not lose sight of when hunting for a job.

Really friendly, informal chat which helped on so many levels 🙂

Thanks so much Robert!

Senior Events Manager (November 2020)

Robert gave me honest feedback and insight for improving my LinkedIn profile.

Well worth a chat to see how you can best market yourself to get that all important interview and job!

Event Director (November 2020)

During one of the most difficult times in my career, Robert has stepped in and injected hope and direction to kick start my new and exciting adventure!

Due to Covid, my last role was made redundant.

Subsequently, I’ve been aimlessly scrambling and struggling to pull the pieces together trying to understand the freelance world.

After only 30 minutes with Robert, I now know how to tackle marketing myself head-on and could not thank you enough.

It’s been a breath of fresh air to speak to Robert rather than reading endless, boring, uninformative websites.

Fantastic advice and really appreciate that Robert has offered up his time to support those that need it!

Event & Project Manager (November 2020)

Robert has always been consistently focussed in his observations, straight forward in any recommendations and now, when members of this wonderful industry need support more than ever before, generous with his time and support as well.

Strategic Event lead (November 2020)

At a time when time is not being rewarded properly, Robert has been both generous and insightful with his time and his candour is refreshing, beneficial and much valued.

Robert is a pleasure to deal with and I know he has extended the hand of support to so many in the event industry since the start of lockdown.

I hope that when the cloud lifts that everyone that Robert has helped will be there to promote his services as I will certainly do so.

Chief Commercial Officer (November 2020)

I was lucky enough to benefit from Robert’s mentorship recently in one of his generous 1-2-1 sessions.

The insights he offered and kind suggestions he gave will really help me to revamp my profile and CV in the future.

Robert reassuringly confirmed the thoughts and feelings I’ve had about the state of event market.

I now know the work I need to do to be more visible online and will put the effort in to find my place in our industry once it returns to face to face (and hybrid) events operations.

Thank you Robert, you’re fab!

Event Production & Account Management (November 2020)

Robert was kind enough to give me his time to help focus me and give me some food for thought as to how I can achieve what I want to in the event sector and the best path to take to get there. 

He was very good at breaking down the problem to find the crux and working out how to progress from that point.

Partnerships & Marketing Consultant (November 2020)

Fantastic to receive such a positive and helpful perspective in a 1-2-1 with Robert.

Really appreciate it!

Broadcast Producer (November 2020)

I’ve recently had a highly motivating 30 minute zoom meeting with Robert who’s kindly offering support to the Live Events community during these challenging times.

His feed back and suggestions on how best to use this 2nd lock down to promote my talents and skills have been invaluable.

Robert gets straight to the point, he’s creative, highly engaging and his observation and feed back with regard to my CV and work experience have been invaluable in helping me to review my Linked-In profile; my values, skillset; what really matters in terms of looking for future work.

I would highly recommend Robert to anyone in our industry who’s looking for a head hunter or executive event search and recruitment.

Live Events & Virtual Producer (November 2020)

I had a brief chat with Robert when he selflessly opened his diary to offer support to the event community during these difficult times.

His input and suggestions on how to approach job hunting and how to best communicate one’s experience were invaluable.

He is very honest and direct, and helped me in changing my approach for the better over a short conversation.

Robert is very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Producer (November 2020)

I met Robert during PlanetIMEX.

I found both of his sessions to be very informative and insightful.

In a follow up one-on-one session, Robert was very helpful in providing direction on how to best market myself and stand out via social media platforms.

What I most appreciate is Robert’s ability to be gracious and direct at the same time — telling you what you NEED to hear but in a compassionate manner.

Thank you, Robert, for your service to the events industry.

Your services are needed now more than ever!

Director, Groups & Meetings (October 2020)

Robert took time out of his day to speak to me in a 1-2-1 consultancy session.

Like many others I am looking for work and was struggling to see the wood for the trees.

He has given me some really good advice on updating my CV and Linkedin profile, and I came away with a much clearer plan for my next steps.

I would highly recommend speaking with Robert if you can, I felt encouraged and now have some really practical advice that I can implement.

Highly recommend! 

Events Manager (October 2020)

Robert has kindly taken valuable time out of his days to provide not only me but 100’s of others with open and honest advice and reassurance.

During such uncertain times he helped to give a better outlook and approach to what’s ahead.

Helping to see things from a different perspective.

I am really grateful for his support

Event Producer (October 2020)

Robert recently gave up his valuable time to provide me with a 1-2-1 consultation, where he provided me with some invaluable advice on how to strengthen my LinkedIn Profile and CV and really encouraged me to highlight my strengths and experience.

I came away from the session with much more focus and determination and would highly recommend his expert knowledge to my fellow events community.

Director (October 2020)

I took the opportunity to speak to Robert to help figure out my next moves in the event industry.

He was very straight and honest, providing good feedback on what was not working about my online profile and sound advice on what I need to consider in order to be attractive to potential recruiters.

At a very uncertain time, when I have been questioning what to do next, he helped to give me a new sense of focus, control and ownership of my career which is exactly what I needed.

Event Producer (October 2020)

Robert is a well connected and experienced recruiter in the Events Sector.

His honesty helped me to relook at my approach to prospective recruitment opportunities and see things from a different perspective to make some progressive changes.

Technical Director (October 2020)

So pleased I took up Robert’s kind offer of a free 121.

I came away feeling much more positive and immediately started work on the advice he gave me on my LinkedIn profile.

He is refreshingly honest without being too brutal!

He certainly knows his sector and comes across as being very knowledgeable without just throwing names around.

Thank you Robert for not only offering your advice for free but for cheering me up and for treating me as an individual.

Broadcast Producer (October 2020)

Robert was kind to give 30mins of his time, knowledgeable about the travel and events sector Robert built a quick rapport, with a candid approach, he posed thoughts/ hints/ tips that stimulated a different thinking process.

It was also great to get a different perspective on what an employer or a recruiter is looking for.

Account Manager (October 2020)

Really honest, open and knowledgeable.

Robert gave up his time, to offer some advise and talk through my Business Website and LinkedIn profile.

He clearly understands how to raise your profile from all angles; as a candidate, business owner and recruiter.

I am really grateful for his support.

Senior Events Manager (October 2020)

As someone who has recently moved to the UK, Robert gave me 30 minutes of constructive & valuable knowledge in the event market and how to go about searching for projects & jobs in the UK.

In addition, gave me great tips for improving my Linkedin profile. 

Thank you Robert!

Marketing Manager (October 2020)

Thank you Robert, you took valuable time out of your day to provide me open and honest reassurance.

Your experience lent me some fantastic resources and gems of wisdom, all whilst being down to earth.

During these ‘uncertain times’ I still took away a better outlook and approach to what’s ahead.


Events Director (October 2020)

I took advantage of Robert’s kind offer of a 30 minute chat post redundancy.

He is straight talking and knows his stuff and gave me candid, but thoughtful advice.

I am currently working on my LinkedIn profile as a direct result of his advice on how to improve my profile.

Thank you

Head of Operations (October 2020)

Robert has a really excellent way of cutting through the crap but also being kind, funny and understanding of your situation.

He offered useful and straight talking advice on improving my LinkedIn profile, CV writing and creating a personal brand in order to make myself more marketable.

Robert – thank you for offering up your time and for reminding me to easier on myself when job searching.

Your insight has been invaluable.

Project Manager (October 2020)

Just had my free 1-2-1 with Robert and it was really helpful.

Some great tips on how to improve my CV and LinkedIn profile but also he made me think differently about how I am applying for roles and the way to structure those applications.

But perhaps more importantly he told me to be kinder to myself, that I need time for me and job hunting 7 – 8 hours a day is not good for anyone.

I’m setting myself up for repeated knock backs and reading all the socials about people who have managed to get a job just makes you feel worse.

Great news for them but not so good if you haven’t found anything yet.

Thank you Robert for your help and support and extremely sensible suggestions and advice.

Would recommend talking to Robert unreservedly.

Head of Events (October 2020)

Robert very selflessly gave up his time during the tough times of the COVID pandemic, offering support, advise and just someone to talk to.

Above this Robert really does know his stuff about the industry and I recommend him to anyone that is looking to work with him.

Company Owner (October 2020)

In the course of a video call with Robert I was given a lot of very useful information and advice in terms of setting myself up in a company and looking for new positions.

Not long after a contact of Robert’s approached me with a view to discussing a future project.

Robert has a great combination of advice and network of contacts and I would not hesitate to recommend him to provide your recruitment requirements.

Managing Director (October 2020)

Robert is worth his weight in gold and then some.

His insights and innovation took me from redundancy to a promising new career.

I can’t thank him enough!

Be careful not to let your Nana overhear his consultation; he doesn’t beat around the bush.

But if you want to make progress quickly, Robert is the perfect counsel.

Group Events Manager (October 2020)

Recently had a one-to-one career support session with Robert and I can thoroughly recommend him.

He holds a great deal of knowledge on the events market and career development in general.

He is genuine and honest.

I look forward to working with him in the future as a candidate or recruiter.

Project Manager (October 2020)

Robert had some great advice concerning my LinkedIn profile and helped with advising what would make me better seen to potential employers/recruiters.

Robert also managed to help me realise that I’m not the only one going through uncertainty and unrest right now – and to be kinder to myself. 🙂

Event Producer (September 2020)

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Robert through ILEA as well as a trusted recruiter I can go to for advice.

It’s refreshing to receive candid, realistic but positive advice across all areas from my position and mindset, alternative ideas on ways to approach potential clients, down to advice on my LinkedIn profile.

I’d highly recommend contacting Robert whether you’re looking for new role or for that next star employee as he’s well connected on both fronts

Event Director (September 2020)

Robert kindly offered his support on a 121 consultation, truly admire him for wanting to help so many people in the events industry.

Robert provided me, along with many others, advice and tips on how best to push forward and market myself in the most effective way during these tough times so an invaluable meeting.

I took away some incredibly relevant and honest advice – will definitely be staying in touch. He also managed to top it all off with a good sense of humour which lets be honest – we definitely all need right now!

Thanks again Robert!


Senior Project Manager (September 2020)

I had a free support session with Robert and found it extremely helpful.

As many, I am struggling with the current job situation in the events industry and he put his wealth of experience at disposal to provide innovative, tailored advise on my personal brand, motivating me to take action and make my experience more marketable.

I will definitely be using his services in the future and would recommend him to anyone.

Group Manager (September 2020)

Robert and I had a beneficial informal chat, where he offered great, honest & helpful advice as a starting point to making my experience/CV more marketable and out there.

I will definitely be using his advice & services in the future and would advise a 1:1 starter call with him to go over any thought starters or to kick start your current thinking


Event Producer (September 2020)

Robert kindly offered his time to give any advice or guidance he could, and I took him slightly off piste to ask about promoting a small business.

He gave me some great tips of the learnings he had, and advice on the things he wished he’d prioritised earlier in his own business.

As someone new to the world of having my own set-up, it was very useful, and I’ll be keeping contact with Robert over time to see if there are ways we can help one-another out in the future.

Great guy, an ally to many I’m sure.

Creative Director (September 2020)

I recently had an invaluable 1-2-1 with Robert who made me feel as though I was not alone during this crisis.

I left the meeting feeling motivated and encouraged that it’s not all doom and gloom and a list of to-dos as to how to optimise my LinkedIn profile.

Highly recommended!

Thank you for all your time Robert and I hope to repay you one day!


Event Director (September 2020)

Robert came to me after I faced redundancy due to Covid and offered up some of his time.

I was so grateful that someone had reached out to listen and offer some guidance but having had my one to one call, I was surprised at the top level feedback I received.

Robert managed to provide seriously constructive feedback to me on my profile and offer some really useful insights into making myself stand out to hiring managers.

I’d like to mention that Robert hasn’t just offered up his help and support to me, he is doing this for hundreds of other event professionals who have found themselves in similar water.

Thank you, Robert for taking the time

Senior Producer (September 2020)

Really valuable time spent with Robert in the 121 consultation.

He has provided me with insight and great tips for improving my LinkedIn profile and CV as well the best approach towards recruitment agencies.

Robert really knows his stuff and is able to offer tailored advice and guidance which I am grateful for.


Event Director (September 2020)

Robert has dedicated his time and efforts to provide assistance to event professionals during this time.

Having had several conversations with him to seek advice and top tips, I can confirm that he definitely knows his stuff!

He takes the time to find out what you need and tailors his approach to that.

In other words, he doesn’t reel off the same information in a ‘one size fits all’ manner.

The information he has given me has been valuable and I would highly recommend Robert to anyone who was looking for a recruiter.

Sales Manager (September 2020)

Robert was extremely helpful during my 1-2-1 session with him and he gave me a number of tips on how to improve my Linkedin profile and increase my connections and presence online.

He was very easy to talk to and I would recommend anyone currently looking for their next role to have a session with him!


Operations Manager (September 2020)

Robert is superb at providing bespoke career advice to those in the events industry.

He’s been very generous to open up his calendar for free to those in need at this time and I’m hugely grateful to have secured one of his appointments.

His excellent advice is given in a friendly and practical capacity and I would definitely recommend his help and service to anyone looking for support (especially right now).

Thank you Robert!

Events Manager (September 2020)

I had a half-hour 121 consultation with Robert and his insights and opinions were extremely helpful.

His views on LinkedIn, and what makes a great profile were particularly invaluable to me.

Robert is generously giving his time, opinions and expertise to assist during a difficult time for all of us, and if you have industry topics you’d like to discuss I would heartily recommend booking a session with him.

You won’t regret it.

Thank you Robert.


Project Manager (September 2020)

I had a 121 consultancy call with Robert during the Covid pandemic and it was a very helpful and optimistic experience.

I found Robert very knowledgeable on recruitment for the events industry and his advise and follow-up information was very helpful.

I was inspired by the call due to Roberts positive and uplifting attitude.

Brand Manager (September 2020)

Thank you so much for your time! In just 30 minutes you offered so much value.

As a person just about to launch a new business your tips and insights were just what I needed to push me down the right path so thank you again!


Event Manager (September 2020)

Robert has been an industry leader who has been particularly proactive, supportive and present during the Covid-19 pandemic.

My 1-2-1 was useful in so many ways from tips on how to present myself, knowledge on the industry at present and going forward and advice on how important it is to look after yourself during these times.

I am putting this advice to good use and it was a great boost during my job search!

Event Manager (September 2020)

A true expert and true gent!

Seizing the incredible opportunity to have a 121 chat with Robert today I feel genuinely buoyed by the whole experience.

With a situation in our industry that can only politely be described as a true shit storm, Robert is the navigator and consultant I’d back every day .

In addition to the brilliant tips a huge take away is that with the current state of play, mentally weathering this is as or more important than focusing on money and contracts. Wise words from a brilliant professional!


Producer (September 2020)

I have just been fortunate to have spent thirty minutes talking to Robert on a Zoom call .

Very useful on many levels , and a great help.

I would thoroughly recommend it .

Thanks Robert .Appreciate it .

Lighting Director (August 2020)

After a session with Robert today, I feel focused, knowledgeable, and enthused.

Reality isn’t always negative; I have clear goals and real answers to my questions.

Robert is conducting these 1-2-1’s at a significant emotional cost, talking to many with a bleak outlook.
I look forward to giving back one day.

High Fives all round to this industry-specific specialist.

Thank you, Robert.

CEO (August 2020)

Just finished a 1-2-1 session with Robert which was fantastic.

In a time where looking for a job feels like an impossible task post lockdown in the event industry,

I left feeling that it is achievable.

Robert shared some great tips and insight into the recruiting process and how to make my profile stand out.

Thanks again Robert, what a wonderful idea to be offering these sessions

Project Manager (August 2020)

Robert was very generous with his time and gave me lots of really useful and practical advice on updating my Linkedin profile (which I have followed to the letter) and a good pep talk on self marketing in general!

His advice has been a breath of fresh air during this incredibly hard time for the events industry.

Freelance Events Specialist (August 2020)

Robert’s guidance on updating LinkedIn profile and CV has been very clear, professional and to the point.

I am currently in the process of updating my LinkedIn profile and adjusting to the changing situation within events industry, however, I am hoping that with his professional help, guidance and positive attitude, I will overcome those challenges.


Events Coordinator (August 2020)

I was lucky enough to find Robert during my process of acquiring a new position in a different industry.

From the start, he was very helpful in providing clear guidance on how to optimize my LinkedIn profile.

His straight to the point approach, along with his years of industry knowledge and experience helped me gain clarity of my next steps.

I would highly recommend Robert to anyone who needs to optimise their LinkedIn profile and career next steps.

Social Media Coordinator (August 2020)

Working with Robert was a pleasure from start to finish.

He is attentive, thoughtful and really want’s what is best for you and a prospective employer.

The interview processes with Robert was smooth and enjoyable.

I’d highly recommend him and his services to anyone looking for a new role or career change!


Business Development Director (August 2020)

I booked a 121 session with Robert after finding out I was at risk of redundancy for a bit of a crisis chat.

He is honest in his approach in a way that actually rewired my way of thinking and made me feel a lot more positive about the situation.

He has many many tips and tricks about how to get the most out of your CV and LinkedIn and I’d highly recommend booking time in his diary for a chat should you find yourself in a similar situation

Graphics Producer (August 2020)

Robert makes you feel like you are not alone in the crisis we are all living.

He is a very straight forward, professional and honest person.

The initiative of 1-2-1 interview shows his willingness to help the others to get through this bad moment for the event industry.

It was a very positive experience, very recommended!


Project Manager (August 2020)

Robert is a recruiter like no other.

He is down to earth, honest and says it like it is without sugar coating.

It has been a refreshing pleasure to speak to someone who despite current circumstances can give you constructive advice.

I highly recommend Robert to all those needing a recruitment partner or recruiter as Robert will work with you for your needs

Assistant Operations Manager (August 2020)

Robert is extremely knowledgeable of the events and conference sector and shares a passion for high-level work.

Robert kindly took time out of his day to review my situation and provided great advice going forward.

If not foe his calibre in the industry, his empathy and kindness shine through.

Would strongly recommend him to anyone, 


Senior Producer (August 2020)

Thanks to one of my connections in LinkedIn, I had the chance to see the 1-to-1 sessions that Robert was offering.

I took advantage of his kindness, and I booked an appointment with him. I had the pleasure to meet him and exchange my thoughts with him.

He gave me excellent advice to improve my personal brand to get more attention from recruiters and how to focus on getting through the following 3-6 months.

I think it is fantastic what you are doing to help people, like me, during this difficult time.

Look forward to keeping in contact and seeing you soon in one of the first live events in the UK.

Thank you again Robert!

Operations Manager (August 2020)

I took advantage of Robert’s offer of 1-2-1 session this week, it was not only a pleasure to meet Robert and connect during such strange times, it was helpful to hear Robert’s thoughts and advice on how to get through the next 3-6 months, looking forward to keeping in touch and coming out the other side stronger.

If you’re finding it difficult in this crazy time, I highly recommend taking Robert up on his offer to have a chat, it refreshing to know you’re not in this alone.

Thanks again for your time Robert! 

Production Director (August 2020)

Robert kindly donated some of his free time under his “30 minutes of mentoring” initiative.

Robert had some great insights into where I could apply myself in the future; and was able to give me great reassurance that the industry, in time, will recover.

Thank you Robert, for your time, your honesty, your compassion and your thoughtful words during these strange times.

Project Manager (August 2020)

Robert is the ultimate professional recruiter, he ticks every single box.

No detail is left un-turned or left to chance.

Working with Robert you forget that he has other clients, you feel that you are his single focus.

His connections and knowledge of the industry is superb along with his excellent coaching skills and advice.

The way that he is approaches business is fresh and flexible and I can’t recommend Robert highly enough

Head of Creative Production (August 2020)

Most of your time spent with recruiters is usually in a sales focused capacity where you are merely a product/asset to be sold.

In a challenging period, Robert has made me feel like a human rather than an object.

Taking the time to improve me from a marketing perspective as well as re align me to my own strengths and values – I really cannot recommend Robert enough.

If you want a product sold – go to an e-commerce site.

If you want a human connection and right fit approach – Robert is your man.

Director of Client Services (August 2020)

Robert has been one of those inspiring individuals to go above and beyond in these unprecedented times.

Offering 121 consultancy, discussions and advice from an industry expert.

Without any prompt or financial reward, Robert has offered all event industry professionals his unbias and truthful advice and guidance.

Personally I appreciate the time Robert has put into focusing on keeping us motivated in the industry and dedicates his time to helping others

Senior Production Manager (August 2020)

Robert has shared his knowledge and his time to help support others in the event industry.

My discussion with him was very useful and I greatly appreciated his insights.

He has gone above and beyond to help others and it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Robert!

Senior Account Manager (August 2020)

Robert is an exceptional individual – he is happy to provide professional services that empower eventprofs to find their true potential whilst also being personable and showing consideration for the soul behind the title.

His 1:1 services during the pandemic are a noble contribution to this industry. He has helped hundreds of eventprofs during the pandemic with professional advice and warm conversations.

At a time of unprecedented challenges, a pick you up conversation can do wonders and Robert is a master of bringing positive change.

He is incredible consultant who is also able to connect on a personal level and this combination is truly powerful for both candidates and recruiters.

Senior Event Manager (August 2020)

Robert pivoted during Covid to offer free consultations to job seekers and recruiters.

He has a wealth of knowledge and can help you enhance your personal brand and get noticed during these difficult times.

It’s great that he has looked for opportunities during this time, as well as giving back to the industry.

Much applauded.

President MPI UK & Ireland (July 2020)

Robert kindly offered up his time to provide 1 to 1 consultation sessions during the pandemic.

In my half hour we discussed everything around recruitment and the event industry.

This really helped me change my mindset and move forward with my job search, thank you Robert

Venue Sourcing Team Lead (July 2020)

Robert plays a vital role in the events community which is unusual as an recruiter.

He gets this role because he connects people and will always try to help you even if it not his expertise.

Talking with Robert is never a waste of time and sharing a panel with him was a real pleasure!

Event Manager (July 2020)

I booked a 1:2:1 session with Robert to discuss how to navigate the job search in a pandemic world.

Not only did he take the time to check in with how I’m currently doing personally, he also took the time to discuss the best methods of creating conversations to connect with professionals in the field.

At the end of the conversation, he reminded me that he is here to help and is available for further conversations to ensure that when business resumes to normal, I can hit the ground running.

I left this conversation feeling much better and more confident about what’s next because of Robert.

No matter what point you are in your career, whether you need help with starting conversations with professionals, brushing up on your LinkedIn or need someone to talk to,

I highly recommend connecting and working with Robert.

Events Associate (July 2020)

I had a great chat with Robert who offered his time during the uncertainty of Covid-19 around the world of events.

Robert is very much a realist and acted as a great soundboard to my current line of thinking.

He offered great tips and is definitely “in the know” in the world of events.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending him to others

Events Director (July 2020)

Robert has unselfishly dedicated a large amount of his time in supporting his network throughout COVID-19.

His support has been a source of motivation and encouragement for us all, whilst consistently showing his high level of expertise within the industry.

Thank you Robert!

Senior Production/Operations Manager (July 2020)

Robert offered me some great advice and helped me focus on a narrower target market.

Assistant Commercial Manager (July 2020)

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Robert gave up his time to provide advice to those whose jobs were affected by the crisis.

From just a 30 minute call, I found what he had to say both insightful and actionable.

I’m incredibly grateful to have had such an opportunity, and I’d recommend Robert for his knowledge and expertise in the sector.

Marketing Director (July 2020)

Thank you Robert for our invaluable chat.

Your direct, honest feedback on my new venture, has given me a different perspective and the need to clarify things going forward.

All this on your time, is a genuine, kind offer at this time.


Director (July 2020)

Robert’s experience and expertise have been invaluable when discussing the next steps for an events’ start-up such as myself.

He manages to be realistic and pragmatic about the current situation whilst remaining upbeat and constructive with his suggestions.

An extremely useful 30-minute chat to start my day and focus the next few months with – and such a kind incentive to offer these chats voluntarily.

Cheers Robert

Event Planner (July 2020)

Had a brilliant chat with Robert about the current situation in the events industry.

His advice/recommendations showed his knowledge and reputation that he has in the events sector and its always easier to
talk to someone who knows their stuff!

Thank you Robert for your help today.

Event Manager (July 2020)

Thanks for a really useful 30 minutes discussing the event industry.

I came away with a better idea of where I should focus my efforts on my job search.

A straight talking and honest chat.


Producer (July 2020)

It’s so refreshing to talk to someone who has no interest in sugar-coating.

Spending 30 minutes with Robert, chatting about the current state of the industry and thoughts on how/when we will emerge, was extremely useful. He know his onions and certainly gave me a few things to think about.

If you’re looking to have an honest conversation with someone about the future and your role in it, I can’t recommend Robert highly enough.

Client Engagement Director (July 2020)

An invaluable 30 minutes during which I gained great insight and valuable advice.

I was also left feeling much more positive about myself and the future.

So thank you so much Robert.

Business Director (July 2020)

I would thoroughly recommend spending 30 minutes of your time with Robert if you are looking for some advice.

Having always enjoyed his passionate and occasionally acerbic posts on LinkedIn, I took advantage of the chance to get his views on the state of the events industry and his take on my own situation recently and greatly appreciated his insight.

Senior Creative Producer (June 2020)

After taking up the free 121 opportunity with Robert I was given advice on starting my career journey in the world of events.

His advice was honest, detailed, professional and extremely helpful.

In the 30 minutes we spoke it was evident he has excellent knowledge of the industry which gives me confidence his constructive advice can help me reach my goals.

Easy to talk to and very to the point, managing to cover a range of useful resources, tips and networking opportunities in detail in only 30 minutes.

Highly recommended.

Thank you for your time Robert!

Events Management Undergraduate (June 2020)

I took up the free offer and had a 121 call with Robert for advice during such uncertain times from linked in profiles to the job market his expertise is great to tap into.

He will always advise you on what you need to hear to make the best out of the circumstances in front of you.

The whole initiative of offering free sessions for anyone in the events industry is a testament to the person and ethos behind You Search and Select.

Thanks for all your advice Robert!

Events Lead (June 2020)

My consultation with Robert was incredibly helpful- he provided constructive ideas around how to better position my current search as well as helpful LinkedIn suggestions.

His approach was targeted, open & honest about the current situation within the Live Events sector & provided fantastic insight into the landscape moving forward.

I thoroughly recommend all event professionals speak to Robert & take advantage of his expertise.

Project Manager (June 2020)

I would highly recommend Robert to any client looking to boost their recruitment capabilities, or candidate looking for the next step in their career.

He takes the time to get to know people on a human level, meaning that he can match the best individuals to the right positions, and genuinely cares about his work.


Sales Manager (June 2020)

The consultation with Robert was extremely helpful.

As a newcomer to the events industry, he gave me advice on different platforms I can engage with and tips on how to improve my LinkedIn profile.

Exhibitor Service Manager (June 2020)

Robert provided constructive ideas around how to better position my current search as well as helpful LinkedIn considerations.

His approach was thoughtful, sincere, direct.

Many thanks for your time and insight today.

Hopefully we’ll have the chance to work together in the near future.

Marketing Lead (June 2020)

About 2 years previously Robert had vetted me for a production position, his realistic, diligent and honest approach was a breath of fresh air in comparison to other agencies.

He is in a league of his own. I wish some other recruiters could follow his lead.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, with all of my events for the year cancelled, I responded to Robert’s offer of advice/discussion/mutual support.

We had a Zoom discussion for half an hour, during which time we discussed the pandemics effect on the events industry and how to adapt, (we can’t all open drive in cinemas or the market will be flooded).

Robert gave me his realistic, grounded and clear, but human opinion.

He offered sound advice as to how to begin to find a route out of the mire.

The conversation was hugely lifting and Robert’s evident clear understanding of the event industry and the crisis for those working in it helped give me clarity and really bolstered my resolve.

Director (June 2020)

I would recommend Robert to any hiring manager.

He demonstrates a genuine interest in the candidate (not always seen with other recruiters), and goes the extra mile in making sure he gets the right fit.

Group Commercial Director (June 2020)

I hugely appreciated Robert spending some time with me to look at how best to use my LinkedIn profile and to discuss timescales for the events industry recovery.

The pro-bono session was very useful and much appreciated as I was recently made redundant.

I would certainly approach Robert for help with recruitment in future.

Event Operations Manager (June 2020)

The consultation with Robert was extremely helpful.

He has a fantastic knowledge of the industry.

I really appreciate the time he gave to improve my LinkedIn and help me focus on my next steps.

Event Producer (June 2020)

Robert has been a great support through the COVID lock down.

Keeping the Events industry morale up, sharing his time to help candidates with advice, interview and general events industry updates.

Robert is meticulous with ensuring that when he is asked to fill a role, the client and candidate are the right fit and would recommend his services as I have been both a candidate and a client

Client Services Director (June 2020)

Robert has very kindly been offering his support to event professionals, giving free 121 consultations to chat through their concerns during this time.

I took him up on this offer after being made redundant very quickly and finding myself in a worrying and overwhelming situation, trying to work on my profile, apply for jobs and deal with the emotional impact of losing my job so suddenly (and during a pandemic).

Robert was instantly very warm and friendly, listened to my current issues and spoke through how I should approach this in small manageable sections.

We concentrated on my LinkedIn and I have a page of notes on how I can practically improve my profile and use it to really sell myself and my experience. He also recommended some resources for me to check out.

Thank you so much Robert for taking the time out to help us during such a difficult time for our industry.

Events Lead (June 2020)

Robert offered his time to have a quick consultancy catch up regarding the events industry during Covid-19.

I received great professional advice and LinkedIn profile tips!

Thanks Robert!

Production Manager (June 2020)

Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Candidates and recruiters are very lucky to have Robert representing them.

Very knowledgeable and highly connected.

His vision and understanding of career development for short, medium and long term goals has been very beneficial and he is a great sounding board.

Personable and wears a smile that is just infectious.

What a pleasure.

Thank you Robert.

Managing Director (June 2020)

Robert is very experienced and knowledgeable and has provided some invaluable help and assistance to me recently as i am looking for a new role in the events industry.

He has some great ideas when it comes to future planning and motivation and shared some tips on how to make sure you are seen in the current market.

I recommend his services highly.

Head of Event Operations (June 2020)

It was great to talk with Robert, who has a brilliant straight talking manner, the best always do our sector.

A very insightful session where he gave his remarks about how things will likely shape and evolve in the next months.

It’s definitely left me some great food for thought and am grateful that he has offered his time.

Thoroughly recommend.

Senior creative events and experiential producer (June 2020)

To say Robert is a real consummate professional and a proper experienced leader in events & experiential is probably an understatement.

The industry might be suffering, but Robert isn’t sitting still.

He’s showing tremendous leadership by helping everyone around him take steps forward.

I really valued his time & invaluable advice and genuinely looking forward to working with him on future projects.

Highly recommended. Bravo Robert!

Strategy Director (June 2020)

I was delighted to receive such insightful and brilliant advice from Robert during our 1-2-1 call, all within 30 minutes!

We covered networking, updating my LinkedIN as well as how I can work on my personal brand.

Robert truly understands the ins-and-outs of the events industry and I am looking forward to putting his advice into practice. I cannot recommend him enough.

Thank you!

Event & Marketing Manager (June 2020)

Robert has been the go-to man for me, on both agency hiring side and freelance side.

He knows the industry very well and has a genuine passion to reinvent the wheel of recruitment, offering a service very different to larger businesses.

Managing Director (June 2020)

I had a 1-2-1 consultancy session with Robert which was very insightful.

He generously brainstormed with me and even shared some of his own business strategies.

All very helpful, thankyou.

Producer (June 2020)

‘I got a lot out of my short session with Robert – he really made me think about how I can add value to an organisation, and how I can show that on my CV.

His speedy tutorial on LinkedIn was super useful too.

Senior Press Manager (May 2020)

Robert provided absolutely brilliant support and advice.

The way he has responded to provide the industry with support and knowledge is hugely commendable.

Operations Manager (May 2020)

I have had the pleasure of meeting Robert via the 121 consultancy service via zoom, he gave me great advice and support on how to move forward promoting myself as an exhibition designer.

I was impressed by his tenacity, his attitude, and his knowledge of the experiential events industry.

His ability to advise me on how to bounce back throughout the COVID19 crisis was invaluable.

Exhibition Designer (May 2020)

During lockdown I had a great chat with Robert about my career development and exploring different paths.

I am fortunate to still be working full time but I am still using this opportunity to evaluate what I want to do and eventually where I want to go.

We spoke about realistic timelines, how to approach the changes and how to develop my personal brand.

In half an hour it was a brilliant insight and it is clear that Robert is an expert not only in the recruitment field but he has a deep understanding of how the events industry operates and the qualities people need to succeed in specific roles.

I am grateful for the advice and I am looking forward to putting it into practice.

Thank you

Events Producer (May 2020)

Needless to say that Robert has vast experience in his field but in reality what that means to an event professional is real and credible advice and feedback on a practical level.

For someone like me that is invaluable.

His work throughout the Covid 19 pandemic with the industry has also been fantastic and showing real altruism.

Director of Events (May 2020)

Huge thanks to Robert for taking time out of his day to have a 121 with me this afternoon.

I’ve been following Robert on LinkedIn for a while, and felt his knowledge and experience in the events industry and with networking would be invaluable, and I was right!

He helped me hugely, and I would recommend you try and snap up one of his 121 spots while you still can!

Hopefully we can work together in the future again.

Founder & Event Host (May 2020)

Robert’s knowledge of the events industry, coupled with his willingness to share that knowledge and support others in the industry is exceptional.

He views the recruitment process from the angle of both recruiter and applicant with an approach that is refreshing and insightful.


Director (May 2020)

Robert has a wealth of experience in the events world and is always happy to share insights into the industry, exchange views or just listen.

His collaborative, no-nonsense approach is very refreshing.

Assistant Director Of Sales (May 2020)

Robert provides a refreshing approach to the recruitment process with sound honest advice.


Account Manager (May 2020)

Robert is someone who cares, very much a people person.

He is good listener, provides good advice, he’s proactive and positive in his approach for and providing the right talent.

Director (May 2020)

Lovely catching up with you today and hearing your thoughts on the industry.

Very much appreciate you taking the time.

Some really great insight!

Project Manager (May 2020)

Robert you are brilliant!

I really feel you love your job and do it professionally and passionately.

Great mentor.

Thank you.

Customer Experience Manager (May 2020)

Roberts 121 consultancy/support session was brilliant.

He covered LinkedIn advice, possible companies to approach and how to improve my employability all in 30 mins.

I cannot recommend him enough for support in your career during this tough time.

Thanks Robert!

Production Executive (May 2020)

I took Robert up on his very generous offer of providing free 1:1 sessions to those in the event industry looking for some advice, direction, or a sounding board, during these crazy times (Covid-19).

With a 30 minute time limit to contend with, Robert very quickly made me feel at ease with his personable open nature.

He took the time to learn a bit about me beforehand offering some great tips to improve my LinkedIn profile which I will be executing straight away.

Despite the short time frame the session felt well paced and Robert gave me space to ask my questions which he answered honestly with candour and without the usual “recruiter spin”.

Thank you Robert for your time and expertise!

If you have recruitment needs in the event sector, Robert has his finger on the pulse and is actively engaged with the event industry – a great source of knowledge.

Events and Operations Director (May 2020)

Fantastic 30 minute chat with Robert about the current position of the live events industry and how we can move through this time positively and pro-actively – an extremely helpful, insightful and open conversation.

thank you!

Business Development Manager (May 2020)

I would highly recommend Robert if you need support filling a role, he’s professional, straight talking but at the same time very personable.

He’s truly passionate about what he does and the business, which shows in the way he takes his time in building relationships, getting to know all his clients and candidates.

He has a wealth of knowledge and industry experience, defiantly someone you want to have in your corner through this crucial time

Event Director (May 2020)

I’ve known Robert for a number of years and he’s always been very thorough and offered the highest quality of roles.

During the recent crisis he’s be a fantastic aid to the events industry, and so selfless with his help.

It’s refreshing to see people genuinely caring in today’s society.

Lead Business Development Manager (May 2020)

Took advantage of an opportunity for a 1-2-1 with Rob that he was offering during May, and did not regret it!

Rob offers clear, smart and straight forward advice, following on from a CV webinar he also hosted, giving an insight into recruiting ‘normally’ and during current times.

Advice is personalised and tailored, and came away feeling revitalised and positive with key actions to support on future job searches.

Thank you Rob

Executive Producer (May 2020)

I attended a very helpful 1-2-1 meeting with Robert, where he shared his expertise on how to improve my LinkedIn profile and CV.

I found his advice invaluable and uplifting.

I very much appreciate Robert giving up his time to sit down with me and offer his support.

Event Director (May 2020)

While it is obvious, given that this is a recommendation, I really cannot recommend Robert enough.

It is always refreshing when you meet someone in business who is genuine, thoughtful and thought-through.

Robert is clearly an expert at what he does and his experience and knowledge is clear from the minute you start talking to him.

Job hunting, as the would-be-employee or the looking employer is always a challenging and time consuming process.

Having someone like Robert on your team, who is both conscientious and dedicated is a resource not to be overlooked.

Not only do I have total faith in Robert when it comes to my own career, I have no doubt he would also be able to find the right candidate for me when I am looking to fill a position.

Head of Experiential (May 2020)

I attended a very insightful 1-2-1 meeting with Robert, where he shared useful advice and tips on how to navigate the events industry job market during COVID-19.

He offered advice on how to work with recruiters and how to advertise my unique skills in the job market by ensuring I have strong and consistent personal brand.

Straight talking, I found his candidness motivating and useful in helping fo focus and utilise this time to pull together a realistic plan of action over the coming weeks, months and beyond.

I very much appreciate Robert taking the time to sit down with me and offer his support.

Head of Events (May 2020)

Robert gave up his time to speak to me on a personal one to one consultation, whilst I was job hunting.

He took time to explain what hiring managers are looking for in a candidate and how to position myself when going for an interview and even some questions to ask.

He also gave some advice on my CV, but, more importantly, how to upgrade my LinkedIn profile to catch the eye of the right recruiters.

If you get the chance to chat to Robert I would take it up as he has been really helpful.

Thanks Robert! 

Event Director (May 2020)

Robert knows the industry inside out and is passionate about placing people within the right organisation with the right role.

In addition he gives great career advice and helps people master their messaging and USPS.

(free 121 consultancy/support session) 

Marketing Director (May 2020)

Robert is an experienced and knowledgeable events recruitment consultant and an all-round nice guy!

His honesty and positivity during these unprecedented COVID 19 times have recently helped me understand what the future could look like and what steps/tasks I should be undertaking in the meantime.

Global Account Director (May 2020)

Taking advantage of Robert’s offer of a 1-2-1 session to offer a recruiter’s perspective on my sales pitch to the industry (vis a vis hunting job opportunities!) was a good move.

Whilst not a professional coach (his words not mine..) his viewpoints were candid and relevant and helped me to close off certain profile aspects that had been rather too loose.

I also learnt some other valuable pointers that I need to get into motion sooner rather than later!

An extremely useful session.

Project Director (May 2020)

Had a useful session with Robert where he suggested tools to help me progress with my personal goals during lockdown and how to improve my LinkedIn profile.

Event Manager (May 2020)

Thank you so much for the advice and putting the c.v and cover letters in perspective for me.

Straight forward, honest and to the point.

Really enjoyed the last webinar you spoke at. I took somethings away from the webinar and I am applying it to my c.v and job search!

Event Director (May 2020)

Robert provided great insight and advice at a critical time.

Very open, honest and personable with deep industry knowledge.

I’d recommend anyone in the Industry take the opportunity to work with him on realising their future goals or reviewing current strategy.

Head of Design (May 2020)

I have known Robert for several years now in a professional capacity.

He has tremendous insight in the recruitment industry and rarely among recruiters genuinely cares about both his client and the candidate in equal measure.

Recently he has very generously helped to coach me through my job search, with some easy and practical tips to maximise my exposure on LinkedIn and how to best utilise my time.

I particularly value his honesty and perceptiveness, which I find refreshing.

I strongly recommend that you reach out to Robert to assist you with your needs.

Chief Operating Officer (May 2020)

Robert’s proactive approach to drive solutions which support the huge Marketing & Events talent pool influx due to Covid-19 has been impressive.

I joined him on the ILEA webinar where he shared his extensive expertise to offer practical advice and instil confidence in candidates applying for new roles in a now even more competitive market.

Thank you Robert for using your skills to support those in need.

Account Director (May 2020)

Had a brilliant and insightful 1-2-1 session with Robert today – he offered clear, no strings attached free advice and easy, quick-win tips on how to navigate through this difficult time.

Highly recommended.

Production Director (May 2020)

I was so grateful to Robert for taking the time to help me understand this a bit more and for his excellent advice, really appreciated!

Had a really great chat with Robert today.

I’m currently a mentor on the Fast Forward 15 programme and one of my goals has been to learn about the industry.

Thanks so much Robert!

Senior Events Organiser (May 2020)

As the Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the event industry hard, Robert has kindly stepped forward and is offering 30 minute 121’s with people in the events industry.

I was lucky enough to grab this opportunity and had mine today.

All I can say is wow! His insight, knowledge and expertise is incredible and I really valued the time we chatted together.

With these uncertain times ahead it’s easy to lose momentum in the job hunt, especially as lots of roles are on hold or frozen.

Robert shared some valuable tips that really fired me up and I can’t wait to get started.

If you haven’t done so already, reach out to him and take part – you won’t regret it.

Thank you again Robert for your generosity and expertise, it was most needed!

Event Manager (May 2020)

I came across Robert via LinkedIn when I spotted one of his posts that really stuck with me.

He mentioned his approach was to meet with the hiring manager and other senior stake holder(s) to get a feel for the company and really understand the culture within the business.

Normally, recruitment spiel was all about how many CV’s they had in the database!

I invited Robert to the office to present and discuss his Fitability® approach.

Honestly, being a stickler for details, I was also keen to call him out and see the small print and get out clause regarding his 6month 100% rebate scheme.

Like many, I thought it was simply too good to be true.

Honestly, there is nothing hidden in the small print, no get out clause, just a really straightforward (up to) 6month 100% rebate!

I was impressed.

Since our initial meeting, I have worked with Robert on a number of appointments and every time, I have had the results I’ve wanted.

An extremely suitable candidate, who actually understand the company culture and role within the given time-frame.

Robert’s approach has saved me countless hours as I’ve only ever seen serious and relevant candidates.

The information pack presented for each candidate is extensive and insightful.

Thank you Robert!

Operations Director (March 2020)

I was introduced to Robert via a former colleague and, from the outset, Robert acted with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

The various documents (bespoke job description and role profile) were well written and concise.

He is very quick to put you at ease and then works hard to ensure that the opportunity is indeed a really good fit for yourself as well as for his client.

I’ve found Robert to be extremely thorough and very knowledgeable about both his clients business and people. however, his USP in my view is his ability to ensure the interview process is as relaxed as it can be in the circumstances.

He creates rapport easily and even injects appropriate humour on occasion, which all helps to enable his interviewee to focus on their answers!

I would have no hesitation to recommend Robert for any type of recruitment challenge.”          

Managing Director (February 2020)

I couldn’t have done it without you Robert!

Being an owner managed business for sixteen years I needed someone to truly understand me, my company and the emotional journey that I needed to personally go on when looking for an MD.

You took the time to listen and learn, to meet my senior management team to ensure any candidate would be right for them and to understand where we all wanted the business to be going in the future.

You didn’t waste my time, you challenged me on occasion and you presented me with some very strong candidates; two of whom we literally had to vote over!

We are all excited and I will be forever grateful for you helping me get to the ‘next chapter’.

Thank YOU!

*I never ask for client reviews as let’s be honest, anyone would say anything if you “filled a vacancy”, however, this came through unexpectedly and how could I not share…

Founder & Managing Director (February 2020)

I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Robert for a recent job change.

The process Robert uses is incredibly thorough. From a candidate perspective, the time he gives is unusual in the cut-throat recruitment business.

He invests considerable time ensuring his candidates are a good fit for his client, not least through his Fitability model.

He also takes the time to fully brief his candidates on the role, his clients’ business and the individuals themselves.

This all leads to a very well-prepared interview, with no surprises.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Robert to clients and candidates alike.

Client Development Director (February 2020)

Working with Robert was a pleasure from start to finish.

You really get the feeling that you’re not ‘just another candidate’ and he takes time and care to understand your situation and skill set and conducts his efforts accordingly.

His interview style is professional and encouraging and he establishes great rapport from the very first point of contact.

You can tell he genuinely cares about what he does, and makes sure that any time spent is worthwhile for both you and the client he is representing. 

Head of Marketing & Business Development (February 2020)

From initial contact with Robert, the importance of professionalism and integrity was key.

It feels it is of utmost importance that he fits the right people for a role but also the right fit for you.

You are as important as the client itself.

He has a thorough process for this and it enables you to get the best out of the whole process and feel at ease.


Brand Experience Director January 2020)

Robert approaches the task from a refreshingly different angle.

Understanding the client needs better and matching with a thoughtful analysis of the prospects.

Building a deeper understanding of both parties requirements leads to a more full filling experience.

A simple but clever recasting of meeting needs better than competition, well done.

EVP (January 2020)

Robert’s attention to detail and time spent getting to know his candidate’s work history, life skills and values has really set him apart in the market place.

Having recruited a fair few people and gone through the recruitment process myself I cannot recommend Robert for recruiters or candidates in the live events and experiential market place enough.

A gem of an agency.


Head of Experiential (January 2020)

Robert has a unique product and is a breath of fresh air in his approach to recruiting.

He takes the time to get to know candidates, and his process is very thorough.

As a candidate you get to find out proper insight and background to the role.

The Fitability interview is the most thorough I have seen from a recruiter in a very long time.

As an employer Robert takes the hard work out of the first stage interviews and ensures that every candidate you see has already been vetted, is competent to do the role and is the right fit.

Client Director (January 2020)

I found working with Robert very refreshing and rewarding, his approach was enlightening and made me really think about what I want from my next role and more importantly it was thorough and provided the employer with a comprehensive insight into a potential candidate.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get onto the shortlist to meet the client on this occasion, however I am looking forward to working with Robert again soon.

All in all a very enjoyable and interesting approach, well done and thank you Robert.



Business Director (January 2020)

Working with Robert is a breath of fresh air. 

He is focused from minute one on ensuring your suitability or ‘Fitability’ for any role; in contrast to some recruiters who take a punt and hope for the best.

The time invested upfront ensures that any candidate he puts forward for a role is safe in the knowledge that he is confident in your experience and ability and therefore the clients will be too. This serves to ensure that neither party wastes time.

As an experienced professional, Robert is both honest and fair with his feedback which is welcome and only serves to enhance the candidate’s self-awareness.

Board Director (January 2020)

Having been a victim of interview fatigue, Robert’s approach to candidate representation ensures no time is wasted for either parties involved.

It’s been refreshing experience to avoid the ‘big sell’ as Robert hasn’t been like most recruiters and has told it very much as it is.

He offers a sensible and strategic approach to recruitment which usually is a time consuming and often frustrating process.

In conjunction with this sensible approach, he offers a great deal of support through the process allowing you every opportunity to deliver success at the final hurdle.


Business Director (January 2020)

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Robert as I’ve been searching for a new role.

The candidate process is the most comprehensive I’ve experienced by some distance; the time invested to understand both client, role and candidate, the detail and the preparation by Robert is all excellent and should serve as an industry benchmark.

The additional Fitability process Robert has developed is incredibly insightful has given me a level of self-awareness that has helped greatly in preparation for interviews.

Group Account Director (January 2020)

In an era of CV farmers and anonymous LinkedIn job postings, Robert is a thorough, thoughtful and principled recruiter.

He is honest and candid about his processes and feedback, and clearly takes care in his relationships with both clients and candidates.


Head of Strategy (December 2019)

Robert’s approach to recruitment is refreshing and much needed in our industry.

He takes the time to really get to know you as a person, your capabilities and what you are looking for from a new role, and is never just simply passing over your CV to his clients.

There is value added and enjoyment gained from working with Robert and his fitability method for both clients and candidates alike, as he takes away any unnecessary confusion, pressure and frustration which is so often created by poorly run recruitment processes.

It’s been a breath of fresh air to work in this way!

Managing Director (December 2019)

When I first saw the You Search & Select recruitment ad it stood out from the crowd and connected immediately on a more relevant / emotive level.

Having now worked with Robert and witnessed the ‘Fitability’ approach and process first hand I can confirm that it has been one of the most thorough role matching processes I have experienced.

There is a clear focus on ensuring a 2-way fit for the role and the feeling is one of genuine concern to ensure a long term placement – not simply fill a gap!

It’s a different and engaging approach which is refreshing in the current climate.

Business Director (December 2019)

Robert is a breath of fresh air in the world of recruitment.

He is clearly passionate about finding the right fit for both the client and candidate.

His commitment to understanding the purpose and culture of a business and articulating the requirements of the role is second to none.

Thorough and clear briefings on both sides are essential in this process and Robert dedicates considerable time to both.

I would recommend Robert and YouSAS to any business searching for their next rising star.

Business Development Director (December 2019)

It is very apparent from first contact that Robert cares.

He cares about clients AND candidates.

He cares about attention to detail and, as a candidate, that Fitability is right for you as well as your prospective new employer.

Robert makes you feel special.

He makes you feel important and gives you the confidence to be yourself and give of your best at interview.

Robert has your back.

Managing Director (December 2019)

Working with Robert is truly unique and his approach to recruitment is second to none.

Robert makes you feel that you are the only person that he is working with, his attention to every detail of the recruitment process is on a another level.

Which ever side of the table you are sitting, recruiting or looking for your next step in your career; you can not be in safer or more caring hands.

Head of Creative Production (December 2019)

From the very first point of contact, it has been a pleasure to liaise with Robert.

Personable, fun and flexible, yet direct, organised and thoroughly honest. With an impressive attention to detail, Robert takes a unique approach to recruitment.

He goes a long way to understand the deeper aspects of your personality, background and experience, whilst understanding your value and future path – thus marrying the right person with the right position.

Highly recommended.

Head of Growth (November 2019)

In my experience, the service Robert provides for both candidates and companies is unique.

A tailored approach ensures both parties have receive the maximum opportunity for a successful outcome, ensuring that where time is invested, none is wasted.

His clear and honest approach brings a personal analysis both of the requirements of the position and the underlying skills of the candidate. His in-depth method covering areas others will certainly miss.

A refreshing change from faceless search-bot metrics.

I would recommend anyone with an open mind commit to his direction

Head of Design & Creative (November 2019)

Roberts professional approach is only matched by his ingenuity in matching Clients with Candidates.

The close rapport he holds with Professional Events Companies due to his time & experience in the industry and the respect he holds within it makes him an extremely valuable point of contact.

Robert comes at recruitment in a very evolved way, he is direct yet empathetic, diligent yet flexible.

He doesn’t deal in maybes and what ifs but substantiated detail to both client & candidate and would never place a client with a candidate if there was not a full fit, even to the detriment of himself and his business.

Always truthful, diligent, detailed & responsive Robert is the recruiter every business needs to have and every candidate would want to deal with.

Marketing Director (October 2019)

Robert is one of the finest recruiters I have worked with!

He has a different approach to what I expected and have experienced before.

It feels very personal, like he really has your interest at heart, personally and professionally!

He also understands the industry, its pushes and pulls and understood what I wanted in my next role.

He very much feels like a personal consultant rather than a show and tell recruiter!

Head of Creative Services (October 2019)

Straight talking? Check.
To the point? Check.
Genuinely interested? Check.
Finds the right roles? Check.
Gives a damn? Check.
Paid by clients? Of course..
But works for candidates? Absolutely.

Am I happy to recommend? Hell yes.

Creative Strategy Director (September 2019)

Remember when recruiters took time to know you and your requirements?
Remember when they went into fine detail about the role, over multiple conversations?
Remember when they gave you valuable insights about the client?
Remember when they followed up with feedback?
Remember when they remembered you from previous times?
Perhaps you don’t remember dealing with Robert…

Creative Director (September 2019)

Robert and I have been connected for many years during my career, this was the first time we have worked together and I am impressed with Robert’s approach!

Robert has taken the time for multiple calls to brief and prep me prior to my meeting with the client.

The written brief and job description is thorough, I feel Robert has a clear understanding of my career history and my skill set which has enabled him to match me with a perfect role.

Experiential Creative Director (September 2019)

I have found YOU Search and Select to be a real partner in my search for my next role.

Their process has been both rigorous and thorough, allowing me to feel confident in their representation of me, their understanding of my skills and experience and suitability for the right role.

The process has allowed me understand the value and relevance of my experience and how this can be applied.

Robert has been clear on next steps and has gone above and beyond to guide me through the process of securing the right role for me”

Chief Client Officer Partner (September 2019)

Robert has a very personable and intuitive manner

Robert is flexible, never pushy and very efficient.

Chief Executive Officer (August 2019)

From the witty, engaging and thought provoking advert that grabbed my attention, to the encyclopaedia like briefing packs, to the warm and detailed briefing calls, Robert is forensic in his approach to placing senior candidates.

This level of detail and information at every point is unrivalled in my experience and allows you to be consistently informed and make the right decisions about the role. If there should be a question unanswered, Robert will find a timely response without hesitation.

You always have the belief that Robert is representing both clients and candidates in an unbiased manner, with all the professionalism and fairness that any human could muster.

He totally gets the industry, his clients and his candidates, you couldn’t be in safer hands.


Managing Partner (August 2019)

I met Robert a few years back as a potential client. We didn’t have any senior vacancies within our business at the time to use the services of YOU Search & Select so I didn’t embrace the ‘client experience’ that the agency offers.

Having recently gone through the process as a potential candidate, I have nothing but praise for the system and approach that YOU Search & Select use.

 There is very much a personalised approach through the process of conversations, interviews and Fitability®.

The communication and transparency along the journey is detailed and it’s obvious that Robert’s number one priority really is finding the right candidate for each client’s vacancy.

The agency’s values of integrity, empathy and compassion couldn’t be more true and I would probably add diligence and commitment too. 

Working with Robert is a unique experience and one that provides the ultimate reassurance for both client and candidate alike and I would not hesitate to recommend YOU Search & Select to others.

Chief Client Officer (August 2019)

Robert has made every part of the recruitment process feel individual, professional and considered which is not something you can say for every recruiter.

Jumping back into the job market after a long time in one company can be a fairly daunting task but not with Robert!

He has ensured I have been kept up to date with the process at every stage and taken the time to answer all my questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.

What has been particularly impressive is his attention to detail and the level of information he provides on prospective roles. This results in being able to make a concrete decision about whether the opportunity is right for you rather than being pushed forward for multiple roles at once that you have no real in-depth knowledge of.

I can’t recommend him enough for your agency or personal recruitment requirements.

Business Director (August 2019)

My experience with Robert during the recruitment process has far exceeded that of any other agency.

Robert really takes time to understand you as an individual ensuring the right fit for both candidate and company and he invested time in getting to know my personality and expectations as well as my experience.

Robert has been proactive in his communication and contact with me, ensuring that I am kept up to date with the timescale.

Robert undertakes a full briefing with the client ensuring that he has the knowledge to answer any questions that I have. The bespoke job description and profile spec are the most comprehensive I have ever seen, enabling me to have a full understanding of the company and role, prior to any interviews taking place. 

I have not been for an interview for a while so it was reassuring to have someone that makes you feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

Deputy Managing Director (August 2019)

Stepping back into the world of job hunting after many years has been a baptism by fire!

Many agencies promising many things and then not delivering…very disappointing.

But this is not the case with Robert, what a breath of fresh air!

Extremely knowledgeable about the event agency world and obviously passionate about what he does.

Proactive, open, straight talking, honest and really wants the best for you and his client.

The service I have received from Robert has already surpassed anything I have received from other agencies and I would highly recommend that you get in touch with him as soon as you are considering your next career move”

Key Account Director (June 2019)

Robert’s innovative approach brought me closer than ever before to my potential employers.

His bespoke role profiles take the guesswork out of deciphering job descriptions which are so often unrepresentative of the role.

I felt that his primary concern was to find the right person for the role and find the right role for me rather than the usual hammering any shaped peg through any shaped hole. 

Senior Account Director (May 2019)


Robert clearly has a deep understanding of the live event sector and his and the yousas.co.uk approach is both novel and from a candidate’s perspective at least, entirely encouraging & stoic.

The journey I’ve made with Robert from the initial call through to interview via the Fitability® stage, has been atypical of the recruitment industry and for that alone I would recommend them.

Commercial Director (April 2019)

Having worked with a number of recruitment specialists in the past it has been refreshing to meet Robert and see how recruitment should be undertaken.

It is rare to find someone who takes the time to understand you not only as a professional but also as an individual. He is very open and honest regarding the role he is recruiting for and how you may, or indeed may not fit a particular position.

Not everyone is suited to every role (and vice versa) and being able to have this style of constructive conversation is invaluable so that you can ascertain (on both sides) whether the position being considered is right for you.

Roberts in my view ‘holistic’ approach and process is what makes YOU Search and Select a recruitment specialist that is a cut above the rest.

I would highly recommend Robert and YOU Search and Select if you are looking for a premium recruitment process that will result in the best possible outcome for all parties concerned.

Sales Director (April 2019)

It’s been a pleasure to work with Robert in a relaxed and thoughtful manner through the recruiting process.

His clear and transparent methods enable a thoughtful and proactive approach and one which brings out the best options for a application.

Would recommend Robert and You s&s in a heartbeat for both client and candidate to get the right result.

Technical Sales Director (April 2019)

Recruiters tend not to recommend other recruiters. We’re an insular bunch in the main.

Even so, I’d recommend Robert.

He cares more than any other recruiter I know. He bothers about the detail.

There’s nothing slap dash. You will probably end up with more than he told you to expect. He will also probably asked for your full support in helping him do his job, but wouldn’t you rather deal with somebody who wants to work with you, rather than feed you crumbs when asked?

Just one word of caution: If you meet him for a coffee, his choice may lead you to believe he’s a wet liberal who thinks of nothing but trees. Don’t read any more into that than he has no sense of taste. He may also turn up in a funny jumper.

Don’t hold that against him. He’s worth more than that

Executive Search recruiter (March 2019)

From my very first contact with Robert at YOU Search and Select, I knew his recruitment process was special.

His relaxed, but focused approach helped me get the most from myself and consider all elements required to succeed.

Each stage was informative and unbiased, ensuring my fit for the employer but also their fit for me.

This was crucial considering the high-level job on offer and the opportunity to advance my career with a company I could call home for many years.

I highly recommend YOU Search and Select to anyone searching for a serious position or candidate.

This really is a recruiter who cares about achieving the best results for everyone.

Thank you!

Event Production Manager (March 2019)

Robert first approached me as a potential client in 2016 soon after launching You Search and Select with a compelling pitch that he was reinventing recruitment for senior roles in the events sector.

A bold but noteworthy ambition!

Already of the opinion that all but a select few recruiters in this space added little if anything to the process, (particularly at the senior level) it was no surprise to me that You Search and Select quickly began gaining traction and by the summer of 2018 they seemed to be the executive search agent on the lips of every recruiting manager and senior candidate I spoke to.

Following a recent positive change of direction in my own career I was pleased to hear from Robert about a potential senior role and intrigued to see if the experience I’d had of his unique selection process was as positive for candidates I’d found it as a recruiter.

I’m unsure how many individuals in the sector have had the opportunity to experience You Search and Select from both the client’s and a candidate’s perspectives but having had the pleasure myself I’ve observed the following:

• Total professional integrity
• Unparalleled depth of understanding
• A passion for creating value for clients (both recruiters and candidates)

Robert educates all of his clients on how to get the very best possible outcome from the time and energy that they invest in the search and recruitment process and I truly believe that his model dramatically reduces the possibility that business’s might make the wrong hire or worse that candidates may find themselves in the wrong job for the wrong reasons.

A total breath of fresh air!

Thanks for your continued hard work Robert

Head of Live Events/Client Services (March 2019)

Been an absolute pleasure to work with Robert.

He really takes time to get to know you, to understand your requirements and explains the job role in great detail.

It’s great to meet a recruiter who actually cares about the candidates and companies, rather than just going through the motions.

Highly recommend him for any recruiting projects.

Senior Sales Manager (March 2019)

I have found Robert to be very different to all other recruiters I have dealt with previously.

He takes time to get to know and understand me which i think will give a very clear picture to the new employers.


Director of Sales & Marketing (March 2019)

Robert takes the time to get to know you and understand you as a true individual rather than just another CV.

He is professional but at the same time very personable, making the interview process easy for you to be your true self.

From the effort he puts in, its clear he takes his time to make sure he finds the right fit for both candidates and clients.

It’s great to finally find a recruiter that cares.


Event Manager & Producer (February 2019)

It is a real pleasure to be looked at as a person rather than a CV.

From the start Robert cared about not only my career but getting to understand what defines my personality. Whether the role was right for me and likewise whether I was the perfect candidate for the role.

I have dealt with so many agencies who aren’t interested in understanding and getting to know my capabilities and the person behind the CV.

To be made to feel so relaxed and have someone going into such detail for an application is really a breath of fresh air.

Event Technology Director (February 2019)

Robert has been extremely helpful and transparent with a refreshingly straight forward but thorough approach to the recruitment agency experience.

He clearly cares about finding the best possible match for both candidate and client.

Production Manager (February 2019)

Robert’s approach is extremely diligent, and he spends time making sure there is a potential match between candidates and employers.

The interview process is very relaxed, and he put me at ease in terms of what to expect.

His screening process and preparation for interview provided me with a clear view of what they were looking for – he finds the right people for a role by asking the right questions.

You are as important as the client, and his process enables you to perform at your best.

I highly recommend him for both clients and candidates.

Senior Account Director / Project Management (February 2019)

The antithesis of the “one-click” application, Robert provides a refreshing alternative to the faceless recruitment model.

I’ve appreciated the time Robert has spent in getting to know me, in painting a more detailed picture of the company in question, the role, and what they’re looking for, as well as his open and transparent approach.

I’m also confident that this extra time invested upfront, delivers a far more time efficient process in the long run.

Thanks again

Business Director (February 2019)

The interview process so far with Robert has been very relaxed and comfortable and I have enjoyed his thorough yet unique techniques.

His overall approach and detailed explanation of each stage has meant that it has been refreshing and put me at ease in terms of what to expect as it is clear and transparent.

It feels he has the candidate and clients best interest as a priority.

As a candidate it means that you feel there is not going to be any suprises and he is working with you to make you comfortable and you can then put your best foot forward during the interview stages.

Events and Production Director (February 2019)

Robert is a breath of fresh air in the world of recruitment.

Throughout his approach he passionately cares about ensuring the recruitment process is carefully matched for both the candidate and recruiter.

He provides a level of support and mentoring about making the fit right, that many recruiters fail to meet.

It’s not about the numbers of matched job with Robert, it’s about a thorough process to find the right role and right person for the role.

Robert has an extensive understanding of the industry and having lived it knows exactly what’s needed and can be trusted 100% to get it right.

Client Director (February 2019)

From the initial contact and right through the process, I have enjoyed Robert’s approach and feel very comfortable with the pace and the checking of understanding along the way.

Robert takes time to understand his candidates and develops, I believe, a thorough and accurate assessment of Client to Candidate match.

The approach is perhaps not the ‘traditional way’ but having had experience on both sides, I feel confident that the short list put in front of the Client is both appropriate and thoroughly researched.

On top of of the professionalism and thoroughness, he’s a nice guy that makes the process both simple and enjoyable.

Managing Director (February 2019)

Worked with Robert on a very special executive role and found him to be the consummate professional.

He was everything you’d expect from a high caliber recruitment professional – detailed, transparent, collegiate, empathetic, pragmatic, good humoured, and a real pleasure.

He comes highly recommended within his specialist field

Executive Creative Producer (February 2019)

I thoroughly enjoyed the experienced of being interviewed by Robert.

His approach to recruitment is extremely professional and innovative and although extensive he made the whole process a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

I can not recommend his services enough.

Event Management and Creative Production Specialist (February 2019)

Robert’s approach is extremely thorough and he really spends time making sure there is a potential match between candidates and employers, making quality progress for all parties.

By the time i got to interview i felt very comfortable with the details on the role, company and people I was there to see, making the process much more natural and enabling me to focus on getting across the best of myself.

I would highly recommend Robert, and though i was not successful in securing a new role this time, the process that he guided me through was very constructive.

Head of Production (January 2019)

Robert’s business model mirrors what his clients and candidates seek – partnership, support, clarity and right fit.

His screening process and preparation for interview provided me with a high level of certainty and a clear view of who I would meet, what they were looking for and how I could best convince them we are a good match.

Production Director (January 2019)

My recent experience with Robert can only be described as excellent, from the moment we connected and all the way through the recruitment process it was perfect.

It is refreshing to work with a recruitment agency that considers the applicant and makes sure all the necessary discussions/checks are done ahead of any interview.

At each stage, Robert clearly communicated what would happen and when and then supplied all the information I needed.

A Breath of fresh air in recruitment and I would recommend Robert and YOUSAS to anyone looking to further their career or looking for a new direction.

*edited for length of copy purposes

Senior Production/Project Manager (November 2018)

Robert is one of those rare individuals who not only is at the top of his game but also is leading the pack!

Innovation in his process might seem strange or even scary at first, but with his down to earth guidance, calm approach and sense of enjoyment for his work, you are quickly at ease to maximize the opportunity.

Thank you, it’s always a pleasure speaking with you.

Senior Client & Business Development Specialist (November 2018)

When I started working with Robert a few months back, I was a bit unsure of his somewhat unconventional approach to senior level recruitment.

I soon realised that what was masquerading as ‘unconventional’ was actually thoroughness, rigour and a deep commitment to on-point professional matchmaking.

By the time I met the client, I had a detailed and iin-depth understanding, not just of what the role entailed but the organisational culture, the focus of the business, the roles and functions of the interview team and so on.

It meant that I was able to tailor my interview to really ‘speak’ to the audience, rather than shooting in the dark, which is so important; you only have one chance to make a first impression, right!

Needless to say, I think this Robert’s contemporary and innovative style of recruitment partnership is THE way forward.

Board Director (November 2018)

From initial contact with Robert, the importance of professionalism and integrity was key.

It feels it is of utmost importance that he fits the right people for a role but also the right fit for you.

You are as important as the client itself. He has a thorough process for this and it enables you to get the best out of the whole process and feel at ease.

He also makes sure you have all you need to be prepared for an interview and feel ready for action!

Head of Client Services (November 2018)

From the outset, Robert put me at ease and actually made the interview process an enjoyable experience.

He takes a very hands-on approach, thoroughly explaining the role and took time to understand my motivation and goals.

Robert is clearly very focused on his clients (whichever side of the table they may sit during the interview process).

He goes to great lengths to be sure not just that the candidate is right for the role, but that the role is right for the candidate.

I felt that Robert really took the time to get to know me.

With YouSAS, as a candidate, you are much more than just another name on a CV.

Production/Technical Director (October 2018)

How refreshing this experience has been!

Robert is friendly and professional.

He made the whole process so defined, clear and engaging that I found myself enjoying the interview process.

Robert’s excellent assessment, intuition and approach, coupled with an in-depth understanding of our industry have clearly made all the difference.

I highly recommend him for both clients and candidates.

Event Director (September 2018)

Robert approached me about a role back in the summer following a recommendation from a colleague.

The process was extensive and very detailed which Robert managed with great professionalism.

Robert has total integrity.

He is all about finding the right pairing of role and candidate.

He kept me fully informed throughout and I knew that he wouldn’t ask me to jump through a hoop if it wasn’t essential.

I have no doubt that I’ll be working with him again, potentially on the other side of the recruitment process.

Business Director (September 2018)

I found Robert’s approach to recruiting very unique, refreshing and professional.

Asking role specific questions as well as various character building questions to paint a colourful picture of my past career and personality Robert got the most, accurately out of me in a short amount of time.

Finally, Robert also gave me plenty of opportunities to ask questions in return and I would highly recommend him.

Production Manager (September 2018)

Robert’s approach to finding and matching candidates to a company’s job role requirements is very professional, diligent and reassuring.

He takes the time to really get to know the candidate’s career aspirations and makes sure that there is a good fit for all concerned before moving on to the next stages of the interview process.

It is clear that he cares and wants the best outcomes for both candidate and client which is refreshing to see in the recruitment world.

It has been a pleasure working with Robert and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to both employers and candidates.’

Business Director (September 2018)

Robert is a pleasure to work with and via his Fitability methodology, ensures a thorough and accurate assessment of candidates is made for each role, which ultimately benefits both recruiters and candidates.

Director of Operations (September 2018)

Through a clearly defined process, Robert takes a far more active role than most in understanding both role and candidate before a face-to-face interview takes place.

This added value is refreshing from a candidate point of view as you enter the room better informed and confident there has already been careful consideration given to the requirements of both parties.

Operations Director (September 2018)

My experience of Robert’s recruitment process was of a high level of professionalism, incorporating sensitivity towards myself at all times during the several communications we had on my application, whilst obviously keeping the clients’ end requirement as his key goal.

Even though I was not the successful applicant this time*, I would not hesitate to work with him again should another position arise.

*(after assessment via Fitablity® programme and before submission to the client)

Production Director (September 2018)

Robert has been extremely helpful in working towards my next role.

Hard working, and detailed, always proactive in working towards my goals.

Business Director (August 2018)

Robert was extremely helpful in my search, offering a different approach to your average recruiter and presenting me with some great opportunities.

Couldn’t recommend his services enough, particularly within the events industry!

Business Development Director (August 2018)

Robert’s personalised and unique approach is unrivalled in the recruitment and live events arena.

A combination of both attention to detail and candidate screening and job profiling ensures that you are only associated with positions of relevance and interest.

It is a pleasure to communicate with Robert, as he cares about your aspirations as an individual, whereas general recruiters methods are often looking for a quick fix or deal.

Head of Business Development (August 2018)

Robert is a thorough professional and a pleasure to work with.

His candidate screening process and deep understanding of his clients’ needs and wants, helps to create a complete picture before going any further, benefiting everyone and making the best use of each parties time.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Super refreshing approach. Cheers, Robert!

Associate Director (July 2018)

Robert brings a refreshing new approach to recruitment. His level of care and commitment is on another level. It has been a privilege working with Robert and I highly recommend his services.

Associate Planning Director (July 2018)

Robert is one of the most professional people I have worked with in the recruitment industry.

He is extremely thorough and will not recommend that a candidate should meet with a potential employer until he has fully understood the candidate’s background, their objectives for their next role, and how this aligns with the prospective employer’s requirements.

This approach ensures that the process works not only for the employer but also for the candidate and that it is a positive experience for all.

I would not hesitate in recommending employers and candidates to work with Robert.

Group Commercial Director (July 2018)

A highly professional recruitment specialist who applies a thorough and rigorous methodology and is comitted to achieving the best for both the companies and individuals he represents.

Head of Strategy & Influencer (May 2018)

Robert is a true professional, this is evident in the quality of the roles and candidates he works with.  You can see the attention to detail that has gone into each step throughout the process. He is extremely flexible and has spent a lot of time understanding the client and the candidate to make sure there is a perfect fit. I can’t thank him enough for his exceptional service.  I would highly recommend You Search & Select to both clients and candidates.

Head of Business Development (May 2018)

In the past, I have been hesitant to work with recruiters and had been very picky about whom I work with in helping me find the next career path…. and then I met Robert.

I found my collaboration with Robert very refreshing!

I have not experienced recruitment like this before and I must say Robert definitely takes it to the next level.

The entire process is thoroughly defined, his communication style is informative and makes you feel valued. He is very consistent and detailed in his approach.

I would happily recommend Robert to any professional looking to make their next career move.

Business Development Director (May 2018)

Robert provides a thoroughly professional service for both the candidate & the client.

He invested significant time with the client to understand their requirements and an equal investment in the interview process to ensure that as a candidate I knew what was expected.

Robert’s attention to detail at each stage of the interview process enabled me to make sure my preparation met the clients brief.

The feedback and Robert’s personal manner was also excellent in identifying where attention to success was required.

I would highly recommend Robert to both clients and candidates for his exceptional service.

Chief Operating Officer (Feb 2018)

Robert responded quickly and efficiently to my initial application, making the process as much about my requirements and fit as ensuring he has a great candidate for the ultimate client.

He has been supportive, informative, appropriately challenging and thorough whilst at all times acting with integrity and professionalism.

I have been very pleased to have connected and made his acquaintance and happy to recommend given the enjoyable process to date.

Chief Financial Officer (Dec 2017)

There are recruitment professionals and then there is Robert, who sets the standard as far as I am concerned.

Professional, insightful and completely personable.

If only there were more recruiters like him.

This industry needs them.

I will have no hesitation in working with him again.

Group Creative Director (Dec 2017)

Robert and YOU s&s were extremely professional and efficient throughout the process.

Time was taken to listen, discuss and respond at all times.

I would thoroughly recommend this service and will be staying in contact with YOU during my career.

Head of Strategy (Nov 2017)

During my career, I’ve spoken to several leading marketing agencies about executive positions and the way Robert has run this search is by far the most professional I have experienced.

Rather than rush out a brief, he’s clearly taken time to understand the client and their specific needs.

Similarly, the way Robert has worked with me to truly appreciate what I’m looking for is unique and ensures this search will not be the last time I work with Robert.

Senior Partner (Nov 2017)

From a personal perspective, Robert is very approachable and genuinely a nice guy.

From a business perspective his form of recruiting cuts out the nonsense – it is to the point, straightforward and the Fitability® component is a massive advantage in screening a candidate and finding precisely who is best to take forward for an introduction to the hiring company.

I would highly recommend YOU Search & Select for both candidates and companies alike.

Executive Creative Director (Oct 2017)

I found Robert to be professional, considered and diligent in his approach.

Throughout, I felt like he cared about both myself as a candidate and the clients he recruits for, genuinely seeking the best outcome for both parties.

The whole process was well-managed and benefitted from his open and personable demeanour.

My experience with YOU search & select has been a very positive one.

Creative Director (Oct 2017)

Robert is the most professional recruiter I have ever met. He doesn’t just shine through mediocrity – his standards are as high as I would expect from an experienced professional who puts people – candidates and clients alike – first.

As a candidate, he was extremely thorough in ensuring that the fit was right for the company he was recruiting for – vital to both candidate and client alike.

You know what the process is and where you are with Robert.

Robert helped me tell my story well.

I would work with Robert again as both a candidate and client, without hesitation and would recommend anyone else to do the same.

Chief Strategy Officer (Oct 2017)

You Search & Select (You S&S) is like no other recruitment agency I have worked with before.

They are clear communicators with a great depth of knowledge in the UK Event industry and equally the business of their client/s.

Their responsiveness and honesty is a welcome relief in an otherwise confusing landscape full of mixed messages (or no messages).

You’re not left wondering with You S&S, they do what they say they will when they say they will.

Expectations are set from day one and the process is, believe it or not, an enjoyable one!

As a client it would fill me with great confidence to know the lengths You S&S go to to find the right candidate for the role, from their proprietary Fitability® model to ensuring the client is, in fact, right for the candidate, not only the other way around.

I only wish I had met You S&S when I was building my team in my previous role!

I know who I will be calling when that time comes again!

Thank you!

Business Director Europe and Asia (Oct 2017)

Robert is unique when it comes to recruiters, as I truly feel he’s looking out for my best interest.

His attention to detail is astonishing, and he shows that he has listened and is empathising with you.

With each conversation, I believed he was genuinely doing his best to match the right candidate with the right role and the right company.

I’ve been a candidate of his, and would not only recommend him to other job seekers . . . I’d also bring him into the mix to recruit for any roles that I need to be filled.

Strategy and Planning Director (Oct 2017)


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