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Awards, or silly season is upon us.

Once again, we’re starting to see the obligatory forced pictures online with ‘proud’, ‘honoured’ or ‘delighted’ starting of sentences about awards people have won for “best use of a chair at an event, international category, agencies over 200 people” or something similar.

I’m not bashing these people, as I know the industry inside out and can attest to the thousands of incredibly hard-working and diligent #eventprofs #expernitial #mice #eventprofs in it alongside the 10% of the recruitment sector who actually have a soul left to go celebrating with.

Nope, my issue is what it’s become based on how it happens.

Take Cannes for example (please god take it), it’s an industry joke how poor this is and the type of work that gets awarded, yet each year people spend millions trying to win one, trying to be seen there and trying to show off to clients.

Trying is the right word.

The only people who ‘win’ at these types of things are the organisers who charge you to sit with people you work with every day and for below-average bubbles.

I’m not against awards per se, in fact, I’m a judge myself for the #miaList and the reason I accepted is it’s all about the individual rather than the company which makes a huge difference.

My idea…

An awards ceremony where the nominees are nominated by other agencies, yes that’s right, you nominate your competition.

Now that would be truly disruptive.

Who’s with me?

#recruitment #executivesearch

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