We work on a retained basis for agencies within the Live Events and Experiential Marketing sectors.

As we’ve written the job description and role profiles ourselves, it enables us to answer all your questions as only YOU can decide if they match your career and personal aspirations.

You’re safe in the hands of experts who have been trusted to find the best fit for a business and not bums on seats.

You are more than words on a piece of paper.

Recruitment agencies have a reputation of not looking after candidates unless they need you, and to be honest, it’s justified as 80% of them see you as a fee rather than a person.

We’re not going to try and change your opinion of an antiquated sector, we just hope you feel the difference after you’ve experienced Fitability® for yourself.

This won’t happen if you haven’t felt respected and treated as an individual, so to put your mind at rest, why not read what some of your peers have to say.

If you can’t find something below or are just having a nose around, be assured that as we work exclusively on director, senior leadership C-suite and board-level roles, we’re always interested to hear from people who might not be looking now, but want to be kept up to date on any future opportunities, so drop us a line and we’ll keep you in the loop. 

If you haven’t received a response within 48 working hours of your application, we’ve screwed up somewhere, so please feel free to get in touch and metaphorically stick a boot up our ass. 

Executive Producer - Creative Comms Agency (Events)
London/WFH, Full-time, £70,000-£90,000 + package
Group Sales Director - Live Events Agency
London/WFH, Full-time, £70-£90k + 70% bonus
Chief Experience Officer - B2B Live Events + comms agency
London/WFH, Full-time, £70-£80k + bonus
If these roles aren’t for you but you might know someone who would be interested, please share with them as we will pay you £1,000 if they are successfully placed. Terms & Conditions apply.

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The first part of looking for your right career is taking the step of speaking to a specialist.

We work under strict confidentiality agreements of which we’ll ask you to agree to and we guarantee never to send your details to a client without your written consent.

Together we will work on a Fitability® programme to gauge what’s behind the words on your CV, find the path that matches your requirements and take positive action to locate that position.

We look forward to working with you.

About YOU Search & Select
(the recruiter)

With more than 16 years’ experience in the recruitment and events sector, we’re ideally placed to help people find the right role for them and their career.

We understand looking for a new role isn’t about words on a piece of paper, it’s personal and as such needs a personal touch.

We place people in roles that match their individual aspirations and motivations with companies who are looking for the right personality as well as skills, we call this Fitability®.

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    YOU search & select
    Because recruitment should
    always be about you

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    We also run a £1,000 recommend a friend scheme for our live roles, so please feel free to share with your connections.

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