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Contingency recruiters will fill a hole if they can, a retained recruiter will find the right person, because they can.

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What does retained mean in regards to recruitment?
Retained means you are paying for a specialist’s time to be dedicated to your role. You agree to work solely with one agency and that no other agency will be allowed to work on the vacancy or introduce candidates within an agreed timeframe.
How do I pay for a retained search?
One third of the agreed fee is invoiced on engagement of us as your agency partner. The reconciled amount invoiced when our candidate starts in the role.
Why would I pay part of the fee upfront?
In most industries you would get paid for the work you have completed and a retained search is no different. By retaining us as your partner agency you are sharing the commitment of the search and as we’re dedicating allotted time to the search due to being part paid, this means we will find the right Fit for your role based on an extensive bespoke search
How long is the agreed timeframe for retained recruitment?
As each assignment is different, a custom timescale is agreed between us; however a retained search usually takes 4 weeks to get to offer stage.
When does this period start?
After the retained invoice has been raised and you have signed off the candidate and role profile we create from our briefing interviews with the Hiring Team and Line Manager.
What if we change our mind or cancel the vacancy?

If this is within the agreed timescale, you would cancel the vacancy with us and as such your initial retention fee would not be refunded due the work we have already carried out.

What if another agency has a candidate during this period?
If you are approached by an agency who claims to have a candidate for the live vacancy, you should advise them you have a retained recruitment partner and they should contact us directly.
What would happen then, would I be charged more?
We would negotiate with the agency to ensure you receive the Fitability® service you need at no extra cost to you and also with no time wasted dealing with anyone else. If however you do engage with the agency directly and agree to review their candidate, this is treated as a cancellation and breach of agreement and as such your retention fee would not be refunded and you will be charged the full agreed final fee.
What happens if we source or recruit someone or they apply directly during this time?
You would refer them to us as your retained agency partner to ensure they receive the same bespoke assessment you have indicted your business needs or you would cancel the vacancy with us and as such your initial retention fee would not be refunded.
What guarantees do we get?

We guarantee to:

  • Provide high quality candidates, who fit the required skills and experience you require, based on the information provided during our briefing interviews.
  • Provide you with relevant information to help you make an informed decision including; leadership and personality profiling, Fitability® interview session synopsis, personalised overview with experience and analysis.   
  • Assess candidates chosen for interview face to face.
  • Submit the candidate you will offer the role to.
  • Perform our role as a true partner and brand ambassador.
What if we don’t want to offer?

If you are not happy with the candidates we have shortlisted, you can either:

  1. Provide us with detailed feedback on the candidates shortlisted and any changes to the candidate / role profiles to allow us to continue searching for you and submit alternative candidates based on the revised search parameters.   
  2. Engage another agency partner – we will provide them with the briefing documents we’ve created from our meetings with your stakeholders to ensure there is no unnecessary delay in briefing a new agency partner.
  3. We will refund your initial retention fee to you assuming the reason for not offering is based on quantifiable and legitimate reasons.
What are the advantages to me to working with you on a retained basis?
You will find the best fit for your business based on working with a partner who will represent your brand professionally at all times. You will save yourself time and money by not having to analyse multiple CVs matched by availability rather than a true understanding of your employer brand and the role’s deliverables. You will not have your time wasted by interviewing candidates who have a minimal understanding of your role based on a Job Description and quick phone call only.
Why wouldn’t I give this vacancy to multiple agencies to widen the net and get more candidates?

You would widen the net, however you’d also make the holes bigger and quality candidates will slip through.

We work with passive candidates who aren’t currently looking so you will receive the best fit overall, not the closest match of who happens to be looking at a job board.

You would also need to make a decision based on a CV rather than from all the additional information Fitability® gives you.


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