by | Nov 4, 2019 | Communication

if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem…

Recruitment isn’t broken, neither are recruiters, it’s the complete apathy clients have to ‘filling their vacancy’ that causes me the most concern.

If you know a client is happy to take whatever crap you throw at them & basically recruit with one finger in the air & the other up their ass, then why wouldn’t you treat them as a job title on a whiteboard with a % fee next to it to be looked at should someone pop up.

It’s not like you have a choice as ‘that’s how your company has always done it, yeah?

Recruitment will continue to be treated poorly until client’s say NO, that’s not acceptable & also take the time to engage with their recruiter in advance of the need becoming painful.

Not an email JD & quick call outlining salary, experience & whatever BS CSR claptrap you feel you have to say.

I mean actually meet them & be questioned, allow them face-time with other interview stakeholders & decision-makers then give them the opportunity to feedback their thoughts around your expectations.

Hell, if you find a good one, they might actually write a bespoke profile for you to show they understand your needs. #ahem

In a nutshell, recruitment isn’t hard, it’s just really hard work & very easy for the wrong people to screw up big time. #eventprofs

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