Position title
Global Client Services Director

Pfft, ‘client services’

“client enabling” more like.

Hobnobbing with the client at all the swanky must be seen places, promising all sorts of whistles and bells.

Then back to the agency and drop it all in the lap of the account/project team, with the brief..

“Oh yeah, budget’s tight, timescale is insane but defo this will lead to bigger things”.

Maybe in traditional agencies this is the still the norm.

But what about if an agency zigged when everyone else was still linear,

“we’ve always done it this way” was replaced with “here’s a smarter way”.

An agency whose B2B portfolio is some of the smartest, risk taking tech and telecoms brands out there.

And no, I don’t mean ‘those ones’ who literally everyone works with now and sticks on their websites.

I mean the ones that jump feet first when you advise them to, as you’re their go to team.

Strategy ✔️
Content ✔️
Digital ✔️
Live marketing campaigns ✔️ (it’s a thing, look it up).

Having worked with £million global brand before, you’ll know stakeholder management is more than plate spinning.

It’s like juggling fire whilst on one leg, standing on ice wearing roller skates and a blindfold.

Here’s the kicker and it’s like marmite.

The buck stops with you.

You either love the autonomy of running things your own way, recruiting your own team, implementing your own ways of working or, well, you don’t.

This agency doesn’t have time to hand hold I’m afraid.

This isn’t a step-up job, it’s tailormade for someone who likes to ruffle feathers but also use them to tickle money from a client’s back pocket.

So if you’re the sort of person who recognises there’s a huge difference between working for a client and working with them, click apply and let’s have a confidential chat.

Don’t worry if your CV isn’t up to date, we can deal with that later.

Employment Type
Full-time, £60-£80k +package
B2B experiential agency
Job Location
Base Salary
£60,000-£80,000 +package
Date posted
2nd April 2021
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Position: Global Client Services Director

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