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So, it’s happened.

I failed.

Not in a, “oh look what I’ve learnt and everything is now sunshine and lollipops”, but a real bona fide failure.

I can now no longer claim to have placed 100% of the retained roles I’ve worked on.

And it sucks.

I could bang on about change in brief, scope, salary and taking nearly 2 months from interview to decision stage, but I won’t.

See what I did there…

I failed as I took on an assignment after an in-depth briefing process and assured my client I could find what they were looking for.

And I didn’t.

So, what did I do?

Refunded their retained fee of course and wished them well for the future.

This isn’t a retained model” I hear you cry

Well, it is mine.

Reputation is everything and I know we’ll work together again as they’re happy with how things have been left, so all is not lost.

But as for failing…

Well, it hurts like hell and it can kiss my a*@e.