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Event Industry Recruitment Trends: April to June 2023

YOU Search & Select, the leading specialist events industry recruitment agency, is pleased to present its latest quarterly report on recruitment trends in the sector. Founder and Fitabilty® Recruiter, Robert Kenward provides valuable insights into the prevailing market conditions during the second quarter of 2023.


During this quarter, three significant trends have emerged, reflecting the evolving landscape of the events industry.


Caution: A Shift in Hiring Mindset

“The prevailing sentiment among event agencies has shifted towards caution, moving away from the last quarter’s enthusiasm for recruitment. With developments in the event tech sector and global market fluctuations, many agencies are adopting a more hesitant approach,” comment Kenward. “Rather than immediately replacing departing employees, companies are now taking a pause to evaluate their recruitment needs more carefully. This cautionary approach has resulted in a lack of new roles being created and fewer professionals filling vacant positions. Additionally, more organisations are attempting to handle recruitment in-house, which has led to mixed results, emphasising the importance of strategic recruitment partnerships.”


Employer-Led Market: The Rise of Internal Recruitment

“There is a growing perception among employers that the job market has shifted in their favour, leading to a resurgence of internal recruitment efforts,” comments Kenward. “Personally, I don’t like the term ‘employer led’ because it implies that recruitment is a battle of employers VS employees whilst it should be everyone working together for the common good. This perception of an ‘employer led’ market has empowered some organisations to rely less on external recruiters and take on the recruitment process themselves, perceiving it as a cost-saving measure. However, this trend neglects the strategic value and expertise that professional recruiters provide. It is important to recognise that successful recruitment requires more than simply sifting through CVs. Employers who take on recruitment without the necessary skills and resources may find themselves struggling to attract and retain the right talent.”


Flexibility and Inclusivity: Work-Life Balance Matters

“Flexible working arrangements have gained increased attention within the events industry. Employers are recognising the importance of providing work-life balance and accommodating employees’ individual needs,” comments Kenward. “However, true flexibility extends beyond remote work options and encompasses a focus on work output rather than physical location. Companies need to develop comprehensive flexibility policies that consider various aspects, including primary childcare responsibilities, caring for dependents, and diverse personal circumstances. By creating inclusive and adaptable work environments, employers can attract and retain top talent while enhancing employee well-being and satisfaction.”


Looking ahead to the next quarter, Kenward can make several forecasts:


Accelerated Recruitment Processes: Timeliness is Key

Employers must understand that candidates are becoming more selective in their job search and are less likely to wait for lengthy recruitment processes. Organisations that streamline their hiring procedures and make efficient decisions will have a competitive advantage in attracting top talent. Speed and responsiveness will be crucial in securing the best candidates.


Internal Communications Agencies: A Growing Market

The demand for internal communications agencies is on the rise as large corporations recognise the need for effective employee engagement and messaging. Companies that prioritise clear and consistent communication with their workforce will seek specialised agencies that can develop content and drive internal communication strategies. This sector presents significant growth potential for professionals with expertise in internal communications.


Planning for the Summer Surge

The event industry experiences a surge in activity in the summer months, as companies and brands gear up for major events and experiential campaigns. Employers should anticipate this surge and proactively plan their recruitment strategies to ensure they have the necessary talent in place. Starting the recruitment process early and establishing strategic partnerships with trusted recruitment agencies will be essential to meeting staffing needs effectively.


The quarterly report from YOU Search & Select provides valuable insights into the evolving trends in the events industry’s recruitment landscape. By staying attuned to these trends and making proactive recruitment decisions, organisations can navigate the evolving landscape and secure top talent.


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