Senior level appointments are a crucial part of your company’s future success, as well as knowing they have the skill to carry out the role we feel it’s important to understand whether they have the Fitability® you’re looking for. We help streamline the decision making process by helping you with due diligence and knowledge you wouldn’t get from a CV before you even meet your candidate. This saves time meeting people you know within 5 minutes aren’t the right fit and in turn saves you money.

On top of all this we are so confident in our matching process we offer a 100% rebate for the first 3 months after placement, we think that could also be important you.

  • We are aware you probably have a list of current agency partners and fend off at least 10 calls a day from agencies wanting to work with you, so why would you be interested in us.
  • We provide you with a detailed analysis of a candidate’s leadership and personality traits, a video clip of the candidates answering a bespoke suite of questions, a personalised overview of their experience and suitability for your role as well as the obligatory CV.
  • We do all of this as standard with no hidden charges as we believe it’s the best way for you to make an informed decision that should benefit your company for years to come.
  • We can’t take on your search with one conversation as it’s imperative we have all the information you’d expect us to have before we instigate your search, however a call/email will get things rolling.

If you’re prepared to take the time to find the best candidate, we would love to hear from YOU.



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